Saturday, October 15

Fakes and Posers

Here is a recount of an earlier discussion via e-mail with 'nathalie' who is a submissive from collarme.

nathalie: Hello Mistress I would like to be your slave/submissive
(included is a cute pic of an asian girl - which clearly seems like it was downloaded off the internet)

Jade: Hello, like ALL male submissives you will have to respond to questionaire. So you are no different. Besides I think that you are a fake. Prove Me wrong by send a picture of yourself with a note saying "I am proving myself worthy to Domina Jade" and I might consider your application. If not I deem you a fake and will BLOCK you.

nathalie: I think you are fake.

Jade. Oh did I hurt your feelings for calling your bluff?? Oh boohoo. I think you have a little weiner which is why you hide behind that 'face'. But consider yourself lucky since most submissives pay Me for this type of humiliation. LOL

Send message and block user.

I really hate fakes and posers. If I encounter another, I will chew him/her out and spit em out. I have NO tolerance for anyone who wastes my time.

*sigh* end of rant.

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