Thursday, October 13

Kicked out of ALT

I had a profile AsianKinkySiren, on Alt which is an adult personals for the kinky minded. I did meet a few submissives from Alt but not too many. Well I realize today that my account has been suspended without warning and no e-mails to let me know that my account was deleted. Actually I should have known that they'd be so anal about me sneaking around trying to post my personal site when sending e-mails or posting in blogs. But whatever, I don't care. I find this quite humerous because they are trying to censor blogs and profiles!! Who ever heard of censorship in an Adult website anyways??? Besides Alt sucks in service, they hardly answer back messages. I can understand the long wait time from non-paying members, but the same treatment to Gold members too?? That is just bad business practice. But, I don't care either since I plan on opening another account but on

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