Tuesday, November 15

Bloody computer problems

I wish I wasn't so dependant on my computer, but I am. I research on the web, keep my notes, exchange e-mail and track my calls on Niteflirt. But this goddamn computer is testing my patience as it senses when I need the most and decides to freeze on me. It is really frustrating especially when the mouse stops and I have to reboot while I am sending my info for an internet ad. I was so angry at one point that I slammed my mouse on the desk several times and kinda broke it. But funny thing is, the mouse moves much better now. Guess I taught it a lesson and it has learned to behave. LOL.

It's an old computer, Pentium 3, 550mhz, 10 gig HD, and 300 something memory card. I am soooo due for a new computer. It would be awesome if someone where to send me a gift computer. I think I will put that on my wishlist. So if you have deep pockets and want to spoil this Domina, then get me a new computer :D

But computer problems are not all that I have. The damn internet doesn't work all the time even though I pay $50 per month for 'ultra' high speed. There are certain times of the day where I can't even use the internet! Like take now for instance, it's 10pm and I see my modem is not 100% connected and this happens every single day. I am switching over to Videotron ... they're cheaper and from what I hear offer even better service. *Sigh* We've been so depended on technology these days, that when something fuck-ups we get really stressed.

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