Tuesday, November 15

Can you send me a naked pic?

The fuckin nerve of some people!

This loser from collarme.com name "mistreatme" sent me a msg which says:

You are do beautiful that it hurts to look at you. I feel like I must plan my next vacation in Montreal. You are undoubtedly a boon to Canadian tourism. I hope you can wield that whip as well as one might imagine.

I disregarded the typos and wrote to him because I enjoy the company of pain sluts.

" Oh do plan to visit Montreal, it's a beautiful city and the best thing I am there :D
Your hope for a sadistic Mistress is right on the spot. I have no problems with heavy punishments. Last time I had my personal submissive come out black and blue from the beatings. I use floggers, paddles, canes and any hard device I can put my hands on.
How long have you been a submissive?
What are your past experiences?
Do you wish to visit Montreal often?
Domina Jade"

Then he immediately responded

"could you send me a naked pic? I have been a submissive for 30 years, ever since I lost the one love of my life, who was also a kimchee girl but straight. I don't blame her for dumping me. She was perfection itself and I was ... me. After near suicidal depression lasting for 6 months, I went to a massage parlor. It was run by Asian women. After a massage the girl asked me if I wanted anything else. I said, not unless you could kill me. She came back with ropes and tied me up. I really didn't know what she was up to. Then she beat the living hell out of me. Somehow that cured my depression but I have been hooked on pain ever since. I need 6 to 10 heavy beatings a year to feel like myself. Other than that I am very normal and productive.
Thanks for taking the time to respond. I want to come see you within the next 3 months. I'll write when I can arrange it."

First of all his past 'experience' seems like a complete made up fantasy. I mean a massage girl beating up her massage parlor client after he says, not unless you kill me?? Yeah right. He wasted my time, which is another affirmation that guys who do not take the time to write are also not worth writing back. Grrrrr ... now I want to beat up someone. I will call up philippe tomorrow because I know he can take a serious beating.

And before I write another blog, I am going to bed.

November 15th, 1:03pm

I just wanted to update this blog by saying that I have now been accused of being a fake. LOL some guys haven't got a clue. The moment they have been flushed, they immediately claim you're fake. Whatever, it's not like I care really. I suppose that since they know themselves to be fakers, then everyone else is one too. I could be wrong but I haven't met many interesting subs on collarme. I am beginning to think that it's a bunch of losers and wannabe submissives. I don't think I have met a good candicate yet, but I will keep my profile. Truthfully I visit the forms now. There are at least REAL people who are into the BDSM lifestyle and I have learnt a lot by reading their opinions and rants.

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