Friday, November 11

Fun night on Niteflirt

I offer phone domination through Originally I had started off in the Flirts section, progressed to vanilla phone sex then ended up in domination. I am the type of person to learn everything on my own, regardless if it's the harder way out. What can I say, I am stubborn and do things my way.

When I first started I had no clue what to say. I was on my own making some easy money. Not once did I work for an agency and read scripts. That simply was not my style, and I wanted to be genuine. I enjoyed talking on the phone with these horny men all over the world. But what I absolutely loved the most was to dominate and control them with my seductive voice. It seems that I had a knack of finding out what they wanted to talk about, and I simply weaved my own ideas into their fantasy. Once in awhile I enjoy talking about vanilla sex, but I get such a rush tormenting and humiliating submissive men over the phone.

Tonight was no different. Tonight I wanted to hurt. Tonight I was on a roll to humiliate.

First call was with a gentleman who worked in a field of authority. But he secretly craved to be used and humiliated. I was on my sofa watching t.v when I thought .... why not have him hump HIS sofa. Actually I was quite amused with the thought. So I commanded him to hump his furniture like a horny dog. The moans and groans coming from him made me laugh even harder. He was actually getting turned on! So I had his place his penis in between the cushions and fuck that way. "Oh feel the rough material over that pathetic cock of yours. Feels good huh?" I had him cum in his cushions. Priceless.

Next call was a role-play. Yet another who craves to be humiliated. So I had him go to the kitchen and slather some hot sauce over his penis and penis hole. It stung a little, so he says. Hmmm not enough, I think to myself. Well I then had his drip hot sauce over his fingers and had him pump his ass. He imagined himself being fucked by my black dildo while he fingered himself. Another fun moment.

And finally the 3rd was a painful call. He was from the UK and you can imagine how open-minded these guys are. He craved to be hurt by a Mistress. And hurt him I did. I enjoy CBT and stomping on a penis really makes me smile. I had his place his balls and penis on a side table. Then ordered him to close his hand into a fist. "Now stomp your penis with your fist you little bitch!" Ouch. He pleaded me not to do it a second time. And being the person who likes opposites, I had him stomp two more times.

There were a couple of other calls tonight ... but these were the three amusing ones of the day.

Domina Jade

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