Tuesday, November 8

Ranting about illiterate morons

So I have a profile on collarchat.com which I find is a much better site than Alt.com. First it's completely free and the forums are by far so much better. But as with any service, there are pros and cons. My biggest gripe is that I will of course receive a whole slew of messages that are mostly one liners. And that just irkes me because I am wasting my time reading through their e-mail and hitting the delete button. Do they not have a brain? I mean I am very specific about what I seek, but of course there are many who are too damn lazy to bother with a personal e-mail. Rather they copy and paste from other e-mails that they've sent to many other Mistresses advertising on collarme.

Now I have changes my mail setting to automatically send messages from submissives with no profiles to my bulk folder. That pretty much saves me a headache. I find that most with no profiles are likely to be lazy when writting a Mistress. Well that's my findings anyways.

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