Wednesday, December 28

Lifestyler since the age of 15

This 22 year old submissive male e-mailed me a couple of days earlier saying that he's interested in serving me and that he's been part of the lifestyle for the past 7 years. Well I find that highly doubtful since that would mean he was 15 years old when he started. I can believe that he was curious and that a fetish was a result towards turn of events but to actually be "part" of the lifestyle??? I don't think so.

The reason why I do not believe his story is because he would have to interact with like-minded people in the fetish community. And as far as I know, no responsible adult will allow a child of 15 years to part-take in the fetish community.

So I told him:

"Oh quite impressive to be in the lifestyle for the past 7 years ... that means you started at the prime age of 15 yrs. In that case, please explain how you became involved. I am quite curious how a 15 yr old would be accepted in the fetish community. Domina Jade "

He responded today:

"i have been in the lifestyle for that long,,
paid older Mistresses greater amounts to overlook the age factor Maam"

Oh give me a break!!! Did he think that by mentioning money everything would be so easy?? I don't think that a resposible Mistress would be so driven by money that they'd overlook his age. If this actually happened then I do not even think she's a Mistress because she, in my opinion, has created a heinous crime. This is pretty much child abuse and pedophiling. But like I said, I doubt that this is true.

So I respond:

"I highly doubt that any self-respecting Domme would be lured into training an under-aged child to play S/M games. you are either too high in your own fantasies or take me for an idiot for which I am not. And to think that money will actually lure me as well, if your story was actually true, is completely wrong. Because I do not play with whomever comes my way. No matter what your wallet size.

I find that trust is a very important element in BDSM play. And already you do not have my trust. So I bid you farewell to these e-mail chats because I have no interest in continuing them. Don't even bother e-mailing me back because I have already blocked you.

Domina Jade"

Gawd, the things that people say! It really does boggle my mind. Now I do not mind playing with younger guys/girls than myself as long as they are legal. I want to be able to trust my submissives and vice versa. I want to develop a deep relationship where I really get to know my submissives. And if I catch you in a lie, then you have completely tarnished the trust we have established. So for any submissive out there who hopes to serve me in r/t one day, do not feed me bullshit stories. you will not impress me, you will only have me shut the door in your face.

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