Tuesday, December 6

Private Play Party on Dec. 3rd

My submissive philippe and I went to a private party east on Montreal. It was the second time that we went to Jules and JulieAnne's dungeon.

There are pictures of the dungeon at http://www.bdsmcircle.com.

It's a large play space in the basement. The walls are made of reinforced concrete, actually the place use to be a storage for fur coats. The dungeon was discreetly located and no one is the wiser.

We arrived at 10pm, and there were a few ppl who arrived before us. Usually the party starts past 11pm. The cocktail dishes that philippe brought in were very good. I couldn't help nibbling throughout the whole evening because I ate little before coming to the party.

The action started when a well known bondage fetishist started suspension play with a male submissive. The Dominant was very talented at using shibari techniques and it was quite a learning experience to watch him perform. It took a good 45 minutes to complete the rope bondage and another couple of minutes to unravel the submissive. One day I hope to be as talented, but for now I will practice my knots.

After witnessing the bondage scene, I felt the itch to play with my submissive. I opted for a metal device attached to a wall. It looks like a curved sculture with wrist and ankle restraints attached. Once I secured philippe with the restraints, I started to warm up by spanking him with my bare hands. It stung me, but I am sure it stung him even more over the bare ass. There were a couple of devices that I played with; a leather paddle, flogger, nipple clamps, cane, switch, rubber paddle and leather switch.

During play, I am so concentrate on the scene that I rarely notice everyone else. My good friend Mistress Jade Dragon, owner of ClubFetish.ca, finally arrived at the party but I did not notice. When I saw her, I left my submissive for a moment to chat with my friend. She wore a lovely tall suede hat, one that I have always wanted to have as part of my wardrobe collection. She did not come with a submissive and so I shared philippe with her. I knew he was in good hands, so I left the two to play.

As I was watching the two play, I was approached by Mistress Malycia. We shared similar views on D/s. Perhaps one day we will double domme. I would love to shared stories and techniques. She seemed like a serious Mistress who knew what she wants, the way I know what I want.

Last time I came to a play party in October, I was shy and nervous because it was my first time scening in front of many well known BDSMers. This time I socialized more and it was nice to get input from other fetishists.

Next party will be in February. Hopefully I will be able to go, it really is a public event to go to.

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