Monday, January 23

Blasting a photo online

I came across a 'princess' blog. You know that ones who are ultra spoiled and expect every submissive to hand over their wallet?? Well she wrote something in her blog that I totally disagree with.

A submissive submitted to the 'princess' a photo of his nake wife because he wants to exploit his wife. The princess then posts the photo and has more on her website. Whether or not these photos are real, I am totally appalled by her actions. Because the wife probably has not consented to having her naked photos plastered online. It is one thing to actually talk about the fantasy over the phone, but it's another to actually post someone elses naked pics without their permission. I really do have a problem with 'princesses' who show a lack of ethics and common respect but think that it's okay.

I certainly have no problem with embarrassing a submissive online, but only with their consent. I know that I have had lots of fun putting my submissives in humiliating situations but we share a mutual pleasure out of the experience. But before a submissive posts a relatively compromising photo of himself, he must understand the situation very well.

For example I remember a call way back when someone dared me to post his penis photo on various different websites. He had previously played this game with other girls but they did not comply with his dare, saying that it was a bit of an effort. I, on the other hand had no problems at all with his request. In fact I submitted his photo to a site that allows people to "rate your dick." By now he felt intimidated by me and begged me to take his photo off, to which I replied that it was too late. He was quite stupid for allowing himself to be in that predicament in the first place. What insued were "you mean bitch" and other name calling. I simply laughed and put him in his place. I bet he won't be playing that game again *G*

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