Wednesday, February 15

An all-day photoshoot

Well I am shooting with Fotovation today. He was the who took the nurse photos. Today I must have more endurance because it will be an all day shoot till we're both tired. I am waiting for my ride as I write.

For sure I am taking photos in my new latex dress that a submissive bought for me a few days ago. He had seen my profile on and e-mailed me saying that he wanted to get me a present of my choice. Since I enjoy shopping with submissives, I invited him to join me for a shopping spree at Northbound Leather and Il Bolero. Overall he spent over $500 on me. I got a latex dress, pvc underbust corset, and latex gloves.

I am tired, didn't get much sleep last night because of the excitement. I hope it doesn't show in the photos, but I am sure it can be edited out.

Anyway, keep an eye for my photos as they will be made available most likely by the end of the month. I should be posting a couple of freebies on my site, but at a smaller size. The rest of the collection can be bought as Pay-per-view via Niteflirt or TalkSugar.


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