Sunday, March 12

Anti-proDomme sites you SUCK

So I get booted off two adult sites because I advertise that I am a pro-Domme. I was actually bringing in traffic to these sites either in blog format or direct links from MY website. And yet I cannot even mention what I do professionally? I say that’s complete load of crap.

On one site, apparently I am getting complaints for soliciting for business purposes. But in fact it was always the other person who initially sent me a message. I do not e-mail someone out of the blue to make known of my website. I do however respond to their inquiries and leave a signature with my website. So if this is considered solicitation or ‘spam’ then you might as well clear half of the profiles listed on your site. And rather than getting anal about pro-Domme profiles try clearing away the fake profiles instead.

Then my phonesex profile was closed for the same reason above, I left my website signature in a message to a client. Well all I can say is that your website was quite inferior to the phonesex company that I am using now and have been using before you. At least I can send PPV mail with attachments or clients can actually e-mail me back. You are so afraid of losing traffic that you won't even allow your operators to list their WISHLIST! And if my profile has been closed, why not delete it completely? It's still visable to your clientele but there's no operator to take the call. Oh and by the way I am still waiting for a response about the balance owed to me. I have not been paid for my services rendered. So are you going to be thieves as well?

Now I am quite leery about using personals or other phonesex companies. It’s all about their own gain and no one else’s. Besides from both accounts I was not at all impressed with the type of people who either called or emailed me. I might have gotten a handful of interesting submissives but not more than that. Looking back, it was not worth the time and effort to create both accounts. I should have simply dedicated more of my free time tweaking my website and listing on pro-Domme friendly sites like At least there is a section designated for professional Dommes. Plus it’s completely free to join.

Well I am finished with my ranting, now go support my website by clicking on every Mistress Directory site here.

~ Domina Jade
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alex said... has it pretty bad, they really don't want people meeting others without paying for a gold membership. At least as a woman you were in a position to receive mail. As a submissive guy, I've never had a woman contact me out of the blue (I get a 40-something guy every 3-4 months on average.)

They know that the only way guys are ever going to meet anyone on alt is if they pay and initiate the contacts. That's why I was so surprised with the groups and the blogs and that's also why I'm not surprised by how much censoring is going on. I'm pretty sure that there's random monitoring on the private messages and that (at first at least) all group messages are censored by hand.

Domina Jade said...

Truely it's not even worth getting a silver or gold membership because I doubt that there are many real profiles. IMO, the majority or submissives are not serious. Plus I receive way too many cock-shots, not very appealing if you ask me. There are a select few good ones but currently I am only looking for long-term client based relationships. So that doesn't work for me.

They censor way too much considering that it's an adult personals. But hey whatever floats their boat. Meantime I will concentrate on find pro-Domme friend sites to advertise my services. I will have to pay for the service but at least it will be more worthwhile for me.

~Domina Jade
1-800-TO-FLIRT EXT: 0696571