Monday, March 20

It’s not as bad as you think

Recently I had a good session with a novice. The submissive was so new to the scene that I teasingly called him a ‘baby’ submissive. However he was quite eager to learn and experience something new. He demonstrated obedience, respect, and an open-mind – qualities that I look for in a submissive.

The dungeon has a throne chair that doubles as a stocks device. The submissive can kneel and place his head securely through the chair then his wrist is tied to the side of the chair. I had ‘baby’ submissive restrained, blindfolded and helpless as I tickled him with a feather and did some sensation play.

At one point, I told him that I’d pour hot wax all over his body. The submissive was quite adamant not to try. He already had preconceived ideas that it would burn the flesh and be a bad experience. To ease his doubts, I said that I will pour wax on my hand so I know how it feels. (Personally I love the feeling of hot wax on my body – but that’s another story) I then poured the wax on his hand and he was surprised that it was not as bad after all. So I was given the okay to continue with my wax play over his back. The candle was red, so it looked like he had a bloody back by the end of that scene. It was also fun to scrape the wax off with my metal letter holder (one of many pervertables that I have)

Overall it was a pleasant experience. The submissive was quite happy, well except for the CBT but then I don’t blame him. I am glad that I was able to change his mind about something he thought would be a bad experience. As a professional Domme, I will test your limits and push you to try new things. If you only limit yourself to certain activities then you might be missing out on other fun things and sensations.

If you are looking to try something new but you are not ready to try out physically then why not call a Domme for a phone session instead. Personally I enjoy exploring new ideas with a submissive, so if you have a topic to discuss in detail feel free to call me on Niteflirt.

~Domina Jade
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