Wednesday, March 8

My Fascination with Waxing

Last saturday, boytoy j and I went to a private party. It was his first time going to a Montreal private party so I wanted to prep him for the party. I decided that it was time to wax the hair from his back. He had a patch of hair at the nape of his neck and down the lower back. I don't mind hair, in fact I love to scratch his hairy chest or warm my feet there but back hair is something I am not too fond of. So it had to go.

I bought my waxing kit with him a couple of days earlier so he knew what I had in store for him. He simply did not know when. boytoy arrived a couple of hours before the party, that's when I decide to cuff him with his leather restraints and tie his wrists over his head. I attached his ball gag harness over his head so my roomate could not hear him scream as I ripped the wax strips off his back. It was so amusing to see him shudder and yell against his gag. At one point I ripped two strips at the same time. THAT was a huge ouchie.

I love spreading the warm wax over his patch of hair, wait a couple of minutes, then quickly strip away the hair. *Chuckle* The poor guy had such thick hair that I literally ripped out the hair roots. I could see how the waxing traumatized his skin that it created little bumps as a result. The bumps went away a few days later and his back is a lot smoother now.

I have contemplated about waxing his chest, but decided against it because I love running my fingers through his chest hair. And if my feet are feeling cold, I can simply lay them over his chest and use him as a rug. Haha.

Later I rewarded his good behaviour for trying this experiment for me with a massage. So yes I can be wicked and nice at the same time. However I prefer to be wicked and hear my submissives scream ;)

~ Domina Jade
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