Tuesday, March 7

TOKink 2006 "Help Wanted"

I originally posted this message in my yahoo group. But figure I might as well post it in my blog to further spread the word.

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I came across this site 2 years ago TOKink.com and wanted to go. Unfortunately my budget did not allow me and I did not have someone to accompany me neither.

This year TOKink is holding their Fetish event from April 28-30th. And you subbies are going to help me raise the funds for my excursion to Toronto.

I might even hold real time sessions - however I don't have the complete details quite yet.

I am looking to raise $500 for the weekend trip. And you are going to help me achieve my goal by donating to my TOKink fund If you want to please me, then send an e-mail directly for more payment details. Or use the Niteflirt button below:

Donate $50

I will reward those who have helped me by acknowledging them in the group and they will of course get a couple of never before seen photos and a video clip for their donation.

I am looking to raise this amount before the end of March, so get going and pull out your wallets for me. It will be for a good cause. I plan on learning many techniques from the various different seminars. Hopefully I will learn something new like medical play and piercing.


I am also looking for a chauffeur to drive me in and around the city. If you are a masochistic gentleman then perhaps we might even have a play session at the venue. If you are interested then be sure to read my website thoroughly, and send a respectful letter of intent.

-In good shape
-Clean and groomed
-Able dedicate the whole weekend to me
-Has a car in very good condition
-Able to take me to dinners and shopping
-Extremely open-minded and masochistic
-Genuine and sincere
-Intelligent and has a good sense of humour

This is for the financially stable submissives. During my stay in Toronoto, I expect to be pampered and treated with royal attention. If you cannot accomodate me in this way then do not send your application.

Expect to show your i.d upon meeting and you are required to call me for a phone interview.

Good luck to all the applicants.

~Domina Jade
1-800-TO-FLIRT EXT:0696571

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