Tuesday, April 4

Not much of a Dominant?

Here is my conversation on msn with a submissive from Lavalife.

thomas: hello Ma'am

Domina Jade: hello

Domina Jade: so I granted you permission to chat with me for a bit on msn

thomas: thank you Ma'am

thomas: you are looking for a masochist ?

Domina Jade: absolutely

thomas: as a personal sub to you Ma'am?

Domina Jade: well that option might be available but it all depends

thomas: may i ask on what Ma'am?

Domina Jade: well for one thing I don't want a do-me submissive

thomas: no Ma'am

Domina Jade: When I choose a submissive it will be on my terms

thomas: but i may not like all your likes and do have my own limits...

Domina Jade: well of course and I respect that

thomas: somehow i knew that

Domina Jade: I don't like someone dictating what I can do

thomas:i see

Domina Jade: however I will push limits

thomas: you mean not dictating my hard limits Ma'am?

Domina Jade: not quite, it's more like telling me to do this and that without
considering what I want first

Domina Jade: I have disregarded countless 'subs' who launch into what I should do to them, rather than ask what they can do for me

thomas: may i ask what i can do for you first MA'am?

Domina Jade: well I prefer casual conversation for now

thomas: i appreciate that

Domina Jade: I want to know more about you and why you think you can serve me

thomas: well mainly because you are looking for someone who loves pain Ma'am...i love
corporal discipline...up to the cane as my pic is kinda showing

thomas: but i also would like to know about what other things you like to do...im not sure i am capable of those things or they could be things i havent tried or hard limits

thomas: i am also a very nice down to earth man who loves to have fun

Domina Jade: well I enjoy severe cp, strap-on play, slight feminization, trampling, bondage, humblers, medical scenes, play piercing, temp. branding, gs,

Domina Jade: but most importantly I enjoy being spontaneous with my scenes

thomas: i appreciate that...

thomas: I enjoy severe cp, bondage and have not tried the others and would not be interested...sorry

Domina Jade: I am pretty big on verbal and physical humiliation too

thomas: thats acceptable

Domina Jade: well if you are not really interested in the rest as I am then I don't think this will work out. When I am searching for a submissive, I prfer that he enjoys overall the similar activities that I also like

thomas: then you cant be much of a Dominant Woman ....you have no idea what a submissive is then Ma'am...its not only what you like or think ... and appreciate your time...you're right this would never work!!

thomas: take care

So am I the only person to see something wrong here? I am not much of a Dominant woman because I actually express what I am interested in and follow those views? What am I to do, mend my ways just because a submissive does not share similar tastes? Before I could respond back thomas logged off - well in any case he's blocked for his lack of manners towards the end of the convo.

The way I see it, I will not waste my time on someone who is not compatible with me. If he/she does not participate nor has no interest in trying then why should I give him my precious time?? What we had here was a situation of non-compatibility. I would have accepted if we left it at that but no, he leaves an insulting remark that I am not 'domme' enough. Which leaves me to believe he's a do-me submissive afterall. Well better I know sooner than later as I say....

~Domina Jade


Alex said...

If he's got a laundry list of things to do and he only wants those things exclusively then it's quite possible he might only get them in a pro session, eh?

A personal sub ought to be compatible with his Mistress, otherwise it'll be no fun for either of them.

andré said...

Greetings Goddess Jade!

he certainly is a sub(?)that has a laundry list, as you say... I personally call it "domination à la carte"... You're right in saying that he has to see a Pro Domme to get that kind of service. However, more and more Pro Dommes, like Mistress Jade, will not take a sub like this guy for a session because it bores them (and I can see why!). I could name at least three other Mistresses in Montreal that think exactly the same... Of course, one Mistress can't expect to have a sub that is into all the activitie she enjoys, but if he likes only one or two of the things she likes it will be boring... Money is not always the issue, there has to be an interest for the Mistress otherwise it will be an uninspired session and both parties will left unsatisfied.

P.S. There You go Mistress Jade... my very first contribution to Your blog! :)

Domina Jade said...

I agree with both alex and andre (hi andre welcome to my blog :)

*IF* I were to interview a submissive for a position as my personal submissive then he'd better be able to serve me in almost everything that I ask for. No, I don't expect a submissive to be 100% compatible in terms of interests, but having one or 2 similar activities doesn't cut it for me. No, it's not always about me - I'd say it's 99.99% about me :P

Seriously tho, even if he were looking for a pro session, I still interview as if he were a potentional candidate to serve me personally. I will make a few acceptions like the submissive cannot see me on a regular basis i.e married or limited income, he's not a hardcore masochist but is willing to try, he's inexperienced but open-minded, etc. If I see a genuine interest to learn and to please me then this is the type of submissive that will attract me. Otherwise, I see no point in continuing the conversation.

~Domina Jade