Sunday, May 14

Don't call me on a holiday

Well I have almost finished packing all my things. Been re-organizing my files, downsizing my belongings. When makes me think how much crap I actually own. My new apartment will be considerably smaller than my current. So I will have live more organized and use all my space to the max. Which is fine by me because the less clutter there is the easier my life will be. And of course it is always useful having help around the house. Thank goodness for slave georges. He and I went shopping yesterday for moving supplies, scented candles, and a bonsai plant. Now that the packing is almost done, I can start planning the actual move sometime in June.

Today is Mother's Day. I got my mom a lovely flower "Lys de Stargazer" and a pot. She appreciated the gesture plus the plant sure does give the house a nice smell. I had no plans other than to see my mom. Surprisingly I received calls for a session from several submissives. One even tried to tempt me into punishing him for taking me away from my mom. Don't think so buddy - but I am available next weekend. There are several holidays that I will not be sessioning; My birthday (Jan. 19th), Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentines Day, New Years Eve & Day, Mothers & Father's Day .. So take note cause I'll be busy. However there are still many days in the year to see me, just remember to book in advance (24hours) or you'll be disappointed because I always have plans.

~Domina Jade


anonymous said...

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Domina Jade said...

Well you should've seen it before when it was pink ... Let me know WHY this is so unpresentable to my readers and I might consider the change. Otherwise I am pretty happy with the recent changes already done.

Domina Jade said...

Oh never mind, I just saw your page.