Saturday, May 27

It all began with panties

I have to admit, I stumbled onto fetishes by accident perhaps 4-5 years ago. And it all began with my panties. Yes, my panties or rather my thongs. But how?? Well it all began on the fated day when I stumbled onto a panty auction website, notibly I have always been intrigued by the concept of someone buying a girl's worn panties.

I first heard about it from friends and how in Japan there were these vending machines distributing girl's worn underwear. My first reaction had been 'yuck, who'd buy used underwear? That's nasty' But the more I thought about it the more I wanted to find outabout this 'perverted act'. So began my research and then my eventual participation as a 'panty girl'

Initially girls began to auction off their panties on eBay. But due to the new rules about body parts and liquid, eBay banned these types of auctions. Hence eBanned was born. And now it's a rather huge community with hundreds of different girls auctioning off more than just panties but also pantyhose, used clothing, videos, pictures sets, and even 'brownies' I am sure you have an idea of what THAT is.

As a student with limited funds I figured why not? Pretty harmless, and in fact it is. The new girl will always get tons of bids. I think it went up to $50 just for a panty of mine. I was like 'wow' I'll bet I can post an auction every week for some extra spending money. That lasted for perhaps a year or two.

It was so much fun too. I was adored, worshipped, and praised. I started to finally understand why someone would buy a girl's worn panty. It was an intimate act shared between me and the winning bidder. I would wear the panty for no more than two days, during which I would even masturbate in them because it was such a turn on. Then ship it out when it's was pretty soaked and scented. And I did a pretty damn good job at it too because I always had repeat buyers.

Next to panties, I also posted my worn pantyhose. So I got to to chat with foot fetishists. I remember one particular guy who was also into financial domination. He just adored my size 6 feet. Gotta admit, my feet a pretty to look at. He begged and begged me to send him my foot pictures in exchange for tribute. I could have sent him my photos for a minimal charge, but here was this submissive who wanted to spend his money on me ... no, on my pictures. So I happily charged him extra. But it always rollballed into something else. So began a Mistress and submissive relationship. He then began to send me weekly tributes in the sum of hundreds of dollars. By the end of our relationship, I pretty much sucked out a couple of thousand from him. Now let me remind you that as a student, that's a shitload of money. My books and tuition was pretty much paid for.

But being the curious person that I am, I wanted to learn more about fetishes and domination. By now I was absolutely hooked. Yes of course money was great but there had to be more to domination than financial domination and panty sluts. Although I enjoyed controlling submissives online or e-mail, I wanted more. I wanted to see what was like to dominate in real-time.

By trial and error I learned to become a better Mistress. No one trained me how to be a Dominatrix - although I did read a couple of books. And even if I had the opportunity to be trained, I would not go that way. My method of domination will remain true to me and no one else. I did not start as a submissive. I was not a bossy young teenager tormenting little boys. None of that happened. I'd say my curious nature and open-mind lend me to many wonderful things.

I am happy to say that most of my early experiments with different submissives were good one. I still chat with a few of them as friends. I am of course still learning. Going to public and private play parties, attending BDSM seminars, exchanging tips among my kinkys friends.

There's a second stepping stone to my journey towards Domination, but that will have to wait for next time ...

~Domina Jade

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subpaul said...

Dear Domina Jade, thank You so much for sharing this with us. i'm always fascinated to hear about how people become Dominatrixes. i can't wait to read more, love, sub paul.