Thursday, June 22

I want THIS toy

I came across this personal bdsm site. It features a metal frame for bondage and many other uses. What's great about this frame is that it can be taken down and hidden away quite easily. I am thinking that this bondage piece will be perfect for my place.

So, to ALL my ATM piggies and whoever .... donate to my Toy Fund right now. I am hoping to have this custom made by the time summer is over, if not sooner. Just think you are giving to a great cause, which is my happiness. So it's in your best interest to empty your wallets for me right now. To make things idiot-proof. Click on the button below for an instant cash deposit into my Niteflirt account :) Don't be cheap. You have my permission to click more than once.




I also accept other methods of payment. Send me an e-mail to find out how.

~Domina Jade
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