Wednesday, December 13

Charity for a Discount

Donate to a charity of your choice and get up to $50 discount with your next session with me. Valid until Jan. 19th 2006. Must book through website.

I've been thinking a lot about the needy. This especially happens at around Christmas. I am always conscience about people who need help and I try to do the best that I can. Last year on my birthday I decided to sponsor a child from World Vision. I am still sponsoring Ut and will probably sponsor another child in the future.

This year I want to help more kids. And this is where you come in. For every amount that you donate to either a local charity or international charity like World Vision, I will match that amount (up to $50) in a form of a discount towards your next session with me. I will require a form of proof like a tax receipt in your name.

Feel free to donate generously and just feel better about yourself after doing so. If this idea works out and I see many submissives giving, then I will probably extend this offer indefinately.

Please don't do it just to get a discount, do it because you want to make the world a better place starting with one child at a time.

Domina Jade

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