Tuesday, December 12

Time to do another review: BadAss Tire Paddle

It's amazing what you can see when you google yourself. Actually in my case not so amazing since my site still ranks no. 1 for "Domina Jade." But that's not the point.

The point is the fourth ranking is Burning Rubber's comment about my review that I made early this year when a sub bought me a tire paddle for my birthday. Since it's my birthday soon JANUARY 19TH ;P and it's time for me to get a new paddle. Why not get the right size 17" paddle for me so I can do another review. (hint hint)

Actually I would LOVE to get new toys to use and abuse on a sub, then do more reviews. So to all you subs who want to be extra generous please get me the following:

Versatile Gag
Whips and Nylon floggers
Glass Dildo I may or may not review this hehe.
TENS unit
Cupping set

If there is a toy that you'd like to give me then I'd be more than happy to use it on you. Be sure to contact me first in case I already have one.

Domina Jade

p.s I am on Jane's Guide. Woohoo.


Alex who's sorry for getting the 22" ;-) said...

If you were to get the Versatile Gag, which attachments would you want? Not that I'd ever order such a thing... however, it has been close to a year since that paddle ;-).

Domina Jade said...

Hey alex!! Long time I haven't heard from you. Hope that all is well with you.

As for the attachment I'd get the toilet brush and serving tray attachment. Of course I would to have them all, but to start it will be those two :)

So up for a play session? It's been awhile .... there can never be enough of pain sluts.

Domina Jade

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Jade, count me in...i absolutely "love" the versatile gag concept...wow...so many delicious possibilities. I'm thinking serving tray along with some creative nip clamp action...

I enjoyed our visit last month but i have one complaint...it was way too short...next time we will have to make sure we have more time so i can properly serve as your personal serving tray...now wouldn't that be a blast!

Please let me know how i can get this bad boy delivered to you...Joyeux Noel Maitresse...

Domina Jade said...

Awww francois aren't you a sweety.

I agree that the spur of the moment visit was much too short. Plus we spent most of that time walking. Next time it will be different.

I will send you an e-mail very shortly. So when are you visiting again, was it sometime this month or the next?

Domina Jade