Wednesday, August 15

Re-Cap of Censored Festival

Whew! What a busy month July and August has been for me.

Actually July was my lazy month. Then by August I was busy with Censored Festival and sessions. I am pretty happy with the turnout of CF considering that it was their first year. I am looking forward to Censored Festival 2008.

I performed with Marianne Cheesecake which was an part of an act in Fetish Theater: The Evolution of Fetish. I have to say that the year 2007 is a year of trying new things. It was the first time for me to really perform on stage in front of so many people. I'd have to say that I am very proud of our act. As soon as the video has been edited I will post it on my blog.

I had given two workshops, Introduction to Anal Play and Good Girls Guide to Dirty Talking. I found that not enough promo were given to the workshops, but my small group allowed for more intimate discussions. It was also my first time presenting a workshop so I guess the small group was not so intimidating. Overall I really enjoyed doing the research and educating people. I am just wondering if there will be an interest on workshops for newbie submissives. We're talking learning about behavior protocols, how to approach a Mistress, how to set up your first pro-Domme session, understanding why you enjoy submission, etc. Feel free to comment.

Let's not forget the parties. I went to Melt, Bal Erotique and Robots and Dolls. All were AWESOME.

Melt which was held at Club Sky is a perfect mix of great music and play area. Upstairs on the mezzanine was the lounge where people can watch the dancers below. There was a wood frame for some bondage however I felt the the lighting was incredible poor. Hence not too many people took advantage of that play space. Which is a shame really. Hopefully Isabeau of Fetiche School will consider better lighting next time.

The play area downstairs at Melt was fixed so that players would be on one end and spectators are on the other end. There was enough room to move about without too much of bumping into each other. We have the two sided cross, spanking bench, kneeling bench, and the wheel.

My best kink friend Mistress Jade Dragon played with candles and wax over her saran wrapped submissive, toriko. He was absolutely bound while Mistress J.D poured hot wax over his slim body. She makes wax play so look so sensual and beautiful. This is especially true when she flicks wax according to the music.

I played with subtj on the spanking bench and the turning wheel. But that night I felt like a voyeur so I allowed both Mistress Jade Dragon and Sir Master MArc to play with my boytoy. It really pleased me to see two of my close friends making good use of my submissive. I might put him to good use elsewhere, such as the next FemmeDomme Society event.

The following week was Bal Erotique which was held at Club Opera. The whole event was absolute eye candy as we had performances from the Pin Up Saints throughout the whole night. There was never a shortage of sexy people dancing to great music. Plenty of caressing and fondling. What a night that was. Can't wait for next years Bal.

Then of course Robots & Dolls event at the Just for Laughs Museum. I was dressed up as a Robot/Doll with the help of artist Remy who airbrushed some cool designs on my body. So basically I only wore heels and gold lamé shorts and nothing else :) Be sure to check out the photos taken by SlippyProductions :

Photo Gallery 1
Photo Gallery 2

Well that's all for now. Be sure to tune in for more photos and the video of Fetish Theater. Gotta go now, I have a session at 4pm.

Lotsa whips,

Domina Jade

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