Tuesday, January 15

Celebrate My 27th Birthday

My birthday is on January 19th, and I'd like you all to come celebrate with me at The Loft at 1410 Wolfe Street, corner Ste Catherine.

There is no need to bring any gifts, however if you do, I enjoy gift certificates to Il Bolero, Sexe Cite, Fetiche Store, and anything that might contribute to my play space. You get a complimentary 'thank you' of 27 spankings or canings on each cheek :)

But just be there to say hello and Happy Birthday to Me ;)

If you are out of town and cannot attend, give me a call on Niteflirt instead. I will be on the phones Jan 15-16-17-18.

See you soon,

Domina Jade

1 comment:

SF said...

Greetings Mistress Jade and a very Happy Birthday i hope You have a great day filled with happiness and may all Your dreams come true...