Tuesday, March 4

Performance at Club Sin - March 7th

Mark your calendars, I have an upcoming performance at Club Sin on March 7th. I hope to see you there.

Domina Jade


Lady Evyl said...

Fantastic show DJ, and really enjoyed seeing you again! Hugs and kisses. Lady Evyl

Domina Jade said...

Thank for the support and bring your friends. I am glad that you enjoyed the show, I must admit it totally rocked! Master Tommi and I are already coming up with more ideas for another show.

But before that .... coffee break :)

HeadMistress Jade Dragon said...

I'm so glad that my boys and I were able to make it despite the snowy weather. You were one *very hot* babe on stage!!

I also really enjoyed our usual breakfast munch; it was wonderful to have so many new people join us this time 'round!


~ Your big sis, JD

Domina Jade said...

I was super happy that you were able to make it afterall. It's never as fun without you.

The breakfast munch was fantastic ... so many new faces and great conversations. I love the fetish scene :)

Big hugs as well,