Wednesday, March 5

Want a session? Follow the Rules

So I get a call from a submissive this evening ... he didn't introduce himself except to say that he had seen me from a fetish party. What he actually wanted was the telephone number of another Mistress.

Now this Mistress happens to be a friend of mine, and I have no problems referring him to her. Except, he specifically asked for a number to call. And I know that she prefers correspondence via email, and doesn't disclose her number publicly.

When suggested, "you can go to her website and contact her there"

He said, "I don't like to use my internet - if I can't get number can you pass her my number instead?"

Um .... no.

First I am not a placement agency.

Second, if you are LAZY and don't want to use your internet then I am not going to help you to connect with another Mistress.

So what is the lesson here? Don't short-cut your way to the front of the line. If you are serious and genuine, then follow her rules of conduct and contact her the way she wants you to.

Hopefully, this submissive will learn and finally follow procedure. Otherwise I doubt he will have much luck getting a session.

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Ms Leather N Pearls said...

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