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Taking a Bow ... But never really gone

There comes to a point in a pro-Domme's 'career' where she has to decide what are the priorities in her life. I have certainly come to that point. As much as I have enjoyed a lucrative short career as a professional Domme, I am excited to move onto other projects as an entrepreneur. I am stepping down as a Pro, but will still continue the BDSM lifestyle along with my play partner and fiance Master Tommi Gunn. My thanks to my regular submissives who have made the experience all the more pleasurable. I have learn and progressed so much as a Mistress. My desire to play and improve will never really stop. ~ Domina Jade
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Fetish Fools Ball 2008

This year, Isabeau & Sebastien's Fetish Fools Ball was held at the Just For Laughs Museum on St. Laurent. I thought is was a great space, different from Bain Mathieu from previous years. We arrived at around midnight, leaving a mere 3 hours to play - minus 1 hour of meet n' greet. I wore a Lolita black dress with red fishnets stockings from Cruella and killer PVC ankle boots with 6 inch heels from Stelly/Toby on St. Laurent. I must say that I was damn cute (never so innocent) that night. I opted out of the corset for comfort. However towards the end of the night my feet were aching so it was a trade-off. We chose a relatively quiet corner. There were some great pieces of BDSM equipment and furniture at the Ball. Our little corner had a great kneeling bench from a converted barber platform/chair. I will want to add this type of bench to my private collection because it's just too cool. The area had a greenish spotlight which did help us to see in the dark. However I t

Want a session? Follow the Rules

So I get a call from a submissive this evening ... he didn't introduce himself except to say that he had seen me from a fetish party. What he actually wanted was the telephone number of another Mistress. Now this Mistress happens to be a friend of mine, and I have no problems referring him to her. Except, he specifically asked for a number to call. And I know that she prefers correspondence via email, and doesn't disclose her number publicly. When suggested, "you can go to her website and contact her there" He said, "I don't like to use my internet - if I can't get number can you pass her my number instead?" Um .... no. First I am not a placement agency. Second, if you are LAZY and don't want to use your internet then I am not going to help you to connect with another Mistress. So what is the lesson here? Don't short-cut your way to the front of the line. If you are serious and genuine, then follow her rules of conduct and contact

Dominatrix video - The Hour CBC

Here's a great video explaining what a Dominatrix does. ---- Since my last rant, I have been pondering even leaving the business ... at least temporarily to pursue other projects. However, that would suck for my regular submissive clients who do enjoy domination for what it is. I still stand by my opinions when I say, escort agencies that hire submissives and Dominatrix will eventually ruin the business here in Montreal. I am simply not going to play the catch up game. Even when I first started going Pro, I already had a good idea of what my values and ideals were. I knew what I would and would not do, and did not tolerate 'topping from bottom.' My first experience was at a dungeon, but after 1 week I knew that I had to be Independent. I simply did not accept so called submissives expecting me to open my legs or show more because they are used to that type of behavior. If anything I was a lot rougher and even lectured them for being disrespectful towards a Mistress

Is it a Montreal thing?

It's come to my attention that a lot of submissives AND Mistresses in Montreal are just full of crap. I am talking about the agencies that cheapen the Domination business and the submissives who flip from one Mistress to another. I am sorry for those of you who are genuine and truly understand servitude, but a good number of subs out there who have contacted me for sessions, I'd say 75% either do not call back to confirm or do not know how to speak to address a Mistress properly and has the audacity to ask for 'extra' favors. I'd like to hear from those submissives who do seek professional Mistresses about their thoughts on this. While Montreal has a great Fetish Party scene - the same cannot be said about the pro-Dommes. I see more and more young and untrained Mistresses out there who think that all you have to do is hold a whip and be a bitch. It is unfortunate to see CMF closing its doors for good on February 1st, while other cheap 'dungeons' and age

FemDomme Society Dinner - February 9th

Come join us at the FemDomme Society Dinner at Hot & Spicy. It's a yearly event which falls on Chinese New Year. And 2008 is Year of the Rat. For more details about reservations, please visit the link below:

Celebrate My 27th Birthday

I'd like you all to come celebrate with me at The Loft at 1410 Wolfe Street, corner Ste Catherine. There is no need to bring any gifts, however if you do, I enjoy gift certificates to Il Bolero, Sexe Cite, Fetiche Store, and anything that might contribute to my play space. You get a complimentary 'thank you' of 27 spankings or canings on each cheek :) But just be there to say hello and Happy Birthday to Me ;) If you are out of town and cannot attend, give me a call on Niteflirt instead. I will be on the phones Jan 15-16-17-18. See you soon, Domina Jade

CLUB SIN - September Photos

Master Gunn and I had performed a show just after Fetish Weekend . Thank you Fetish Lover for taken these pictures. We will have another performance soon. Stay tuned for the date. Domina Jade