Friday, October 14

Session with sub. p

Tonight I had a session with, to my surprise, quite a young submissive. He is 24 years and a damn good to the eyes too. It simply was delightful to dominate over sub p since I happen to be 24 as well. I can see that he had few experiences and was curious about D/s. He spoke french mostly but still understood english well enough.

Tonight I wore my new leather pumps with stilleto heels and thigh high stockings with a line running up the back thigh. It was a sexy combo. My pvc bustier was starting to peel. I did not want to ruin it even more so I wore my black satin bra and pvc mini skirt to the session. It was definitely a special night for the submissive as I usually do no bare my bra.

I started with some light domination like foot worship. He, as I understand has a light foot fetish. I had him kneel in front of me as I sat in the throne and watched him worship my feet and heels. I enjoy seeing submissives worship below me. It's this sensation I get, sort of like a high for controlling someone.

Next I did some light corporal punishment on his cute little hiney. He has a full ass, nice and fleshy. And ohhh did it turn pink very nicely. I flogged him and spanked him with my paddle just to see how he could take it. He wasn't such a masochist as he led me to believe from his e-mails. But I stilled enjoyed disciplining him nonetheless.

I proceeded to some CBT because it is one of my favorite activities. He was chained by the wrists while I caned his genitalia. I saw him wince and heard his sharp inhale as he was taking in my punishment. I like it when submissives do not whine and bitch. However, I didn't go as hard as I usually would go on my regular submissives. To me sub. p was just a novice so it would have been really inhumane of me to dish out the hard stuff right away. I may be sadistic but I still practice 'safe, sane and consensual' practices and always respect a submissive's limits. It is very important that other D/s players realize this as well.

I couldn't help but see that he was oozing pre-cum. So I teased him for having a hard on and made him confess his sins. Made him shy for talking about masterbation and viewing porno sites. And then spanked his with my hands for being such a naughty boy. By now I noticed that he made a bit of a mess on the floor. Being the 'evil' Mistress that I am, I made him lick every spot of pre-cum off the floor. It was a humiliating task for him but it certainly puts a smile on my face.

It was almost time to end the session and since he had been obedient I allowed him to cum before the session ended. However there was a twist. I attached clothespins to his scotom and started twisting and pinching the pins. I told him that he had the next 10 minutes to cum or not cum at all. It was so much fun watching his try to concentrate on the task at hand, pun intended, while I did everything to twist his balls and pinch him harder. And luckily for him, he came just on the nick of time too.

Overall it was a nice session with the young submissive. I hope to see him again. But next time I think he'd look very pretty in a dress.

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