Thursday, November 24

Session with sub Al

So I had a session Tuesday afternoon with a new submissive. He came dressed in business attire, clean shaven, I guess your usual strict businessman type. Actually many submissives that I see tend to have high positions and just need to be 'free' and lose their inhibitions when they are with me. I respect their choices and being a submissive does not make them weak ... even though I do play the "I am superior than thou" in my sessions. But realistically I regard my clients as human beings first and foremost.

I entered the room wearing my pvc mini skirt and fishnet top that showed my black bra underneath. My usual pvc top had ripped, I need to have that fixed. Well sub Al was mesmerized by my presence. I knew he has an ass fetish and so I flaunted mine as I walked in front of him. He needed to be spanked as he hadn't been spanked in awhile. But first he was to crawl to me and lick every inch of my lovely heels. I love to see a submissive on their hands and knees ... yes in that moment he was inferior and I treated him as such.

I told him that he had been a very bad boy, and needed to be disciplined. And so he got some real good spanking from my gloved hands. He loved the feel of pvc covering his ass. He absolutely loved the look, the feel and the smell of pvc. And he craved to touch me, but being the deviant being that I am - I denied his request. Oh he had to feel my wrath because he didn't think that I'd be so sadistic, but I proved him wrong. I used my bare hands, my flogger, my spanking paddle and my heavy duty rubber paddle on him. His ass was turning a deep shade of pink once I was done with him. And although I was harsh with him, it turned him on. If only he could touch me once, he'd do ANYTHING for the priviledge.

I decided to be generous with him and allowed him to touch my pvc clad bottom - with one finger only. He pleaded with me to allow him more, but I would not budge. He had to accept whatever I allowed him. I watched him from the mirror as he traced his finger over the panty line that showed from underneath my skirt. I giggled and commented how pathetic he looked. He didn't care that he's being pathetic because it was worth every touch. However his hand 'slipped' and covered my ass. I did not like that one bit, so I smaked his palm hard with a wooden spoon 10 times. I knew that since he doesn't feel this sensation often, it was painful for him. After his punishment I teased him some more and denied him ever more till he could almost feel his loins burst.

Overall the session was a good one, I had him do other amusing tasks like try to cum with saran wrap over his penis. That was very funny to watch. Needless to say he couldn't cum in time before the session ended. I guess he will be jerking off at work lol.

I pretty much opened his mind further on BDSM as he was used to more sensual/sexual play. As I explained to him later, BDSM to be is about having a very good mind-fuck.

Tuesday, November 15

Can you send me a naked pic?

The fuckin nerve of some people!

This loser from name "mistreatme" sent me a msg which says:

You are do beautiful that it hurts to look at you. I feel like I must plan my next vacation in Montreal. You are undoubtedly a boon to Canadian tourism. I hope you can wield that whip as well as one might imagine.

I disregarded the typos and wrote to him because I enjoy the company of pain sluts.

" Oh do plan to visit Montreal, it's a beautiful city and the best thing I am there :D
Your hope for a sadistic Mistress is right on the spot. I have no problems with heavy punishments. Last time I had my personal submissive come out black and blue from the beatings. I use floggers, paddles, canes and any hard device I can put my hands on.
How long have you been a submissive?
What are your past experiences?
Do you wish to visit Montreal often?
Domina Jade"

Then he immediately responded

"could you send me a naked pic? I have been a submissive for 30 years, ever since I lost the one love of my life, who was also a kimchee girl but straight. I don't blame her for dumping me. She was perfection itself and I was ... me. After near suicidal depression lasting for 6 months, I went to a massage parlor. It was run by Asian women. After a massage the girl asked me if I wanted anything else. I said, not unless you could kill me. She came back with ropes and tied me up. I really didn't know what she was up to. Then she beat the living hell out of me. Somehow that cured my depression but I have been hooked on pain ever since. I need 6 to 10 heavy beatings a year to feel like myself. Other than that I am very normal and productive.
Thanks for taking the time to respond. I want to come see you within the next 3 months. I'll write when I can arrange it."

First of all his past 'experience' seems like a complete made up fantasy. I mean a massage girl beating up her massage parlor client after he says, not unless you kill me?? Yeah right. He wasted my time, which is another affirmation that guys who do not take the time to write are also not worth writing back. Grrrrr ... now I want to beat up someone. I will call up philippe tomorrow because I know he can take a serious beating.

And before I write another blog, I am going to bed.

November 15th, 1:03pm

I just wanted to update this blog by saying that I have now been accused of being a fake. LOL some guys haven't got a clue. The moment they have been flushed, they immediately claim you're fake. Whatever, it's not like I care really. I suppose that since they know themselves to be fakers, then everyone else is one too. I could be wrong but I haven't met many interesting subs on collarme. I am beginning to think that it's a bunch of losers and wannabe submissives. I don't think I have met a good candicate yet, but I will keep my profile. Truthfully I visit the forms now. There are at least REAL people who are into the BDSM lifestyle and I have learnt a lot by reading their opinions and rants.

Gifts and Tribute

One of the good things of being a sexy female is that we can take advantage of men :D

Often I am taken out to expensive dinners, taken out shopping, run errands for me, be my chauffeur of the day and they send me cash. It is so sweet getting these payments into my Niteflirt account.

Take Mr. Fromage, he's decided to go on a trial of 90 days as my financial slave. I gave him the option of paying $50, $100, or $250 per week. And he opted for $250. I am just purring with delight when I saw this .... and it was super easy too. Mind you, he did listen to several of my recordings more than once so I knew he was serious and very interested. And today at my request, he sent me a $150 amazon gift card. I should get my 3 seasons of Charmed in the mail soon :D I consider this my early Christmas present.

I enjoy exploiting these cash piggies because I can. I figure that if I have the goods (looks and attitude) I might as well use it to my advantage. Plus I am not forcing anyone to contribute to my lifestyle, this is done out of their free will because, get this they WANT to be used and abuse. And use and abuse I will. Now to figure out who will pay my rent too ... will it be you?

Bloody computer problems

I wish I wasn't so dependant on my computer, but I am. I research on the web, keep my notes, exchange e-mail and track my calls on Niteflirt. But this goddamn computer is testing my patience as it senses when I need the most and decides to freeze on me. It is really frustrating especially when the mouse stops and I have to reboot while I am sending my info for an internet ad. I was so angry at one point that I slammed my mouse on the desk several times and kinda broke it. But funny thing is, the mouse moves much better now. Guess I taught it a lesson and it has learned to behave. LOL.

It's an old computer, Pentium 3, 550mhz, 10 gig HD, and 300 something memory card. I am soooo due for a new computer. It would be awesome if someone where to send me a gift computer. I think I will put that on my wishlist. So if you have deep pockets and want to spoil this Domina, then get me a new computer :D

But computer problems are not all that I have. The damn internet doesn't work all the time even though I pay $50 per month for 'ultra' high speed. There are certain times of the day where I can't even use the internet! Like take now for instance, it's 10pm and I see my modem is not 100% connected and this happens every single day. I am switching over to Videotron ... they're cheaper and from what I hear offer even better service. *Sigh* We've been so depended on technology these days, that when something fuck-ups we get really stressed.

Friday, November 11

Fun night on Niteflirt

I offer phone domination through Originally I had started off in the Flirts section, progressed to vanilla phone sex then ended up in domination. I am the type of person to learn everything on my own, regardless if it's the harder way out. What can I say, I am stubborn and do things my way.

When I first started I had no clue what to say. I was on my own making some easy money. Not once did I work for an agency and read scripts. That simply was not my style, and I wanted to be genuine. I enjoyed talking on the phone with these horny men all over the world. But what I absolutely loved the most was to dominate and control them with my seductive voice. It seems that I had a knack of finding out what they wanted to talk about, and I simply weaved my own ideas into their fantasy. Once in awhile I enjoy talking about vanilla sex, but I get such a rush tormenting and humiliating submissive men over the phone.

Tonight was no different. Tonight I wanted to hurt. Tonight I was on a roll to humiliate.

First call was with a gentleman who worked in a field of authority. But he secretly craved to be used and humiliated. I was on my sofa watching t.v when I thought .... why not have him hump HIS sofa. Actually I was quite amused with the thought. So I commanded him to hump his furniture like a horny dog. The moans and groans coming from him made me laugh even harder. He was actually getting turned on! So I had his place his penis in between the cushions and fuck that way. "Oh feel the rough material over that pathetic cock of yours. Feels good huh?" I had him cum in his cushions. Priceless.

Next call was a role-play. Yet another who craves to be humiliated. So I had him go to the kitchen and slather some hot sauce over his penis and penis hole. It stung a little, so he says. Hmmm not enough, I think to myself. Well I then had his drip hot sauce over his fingers and had him pump his ass. He imagined himself being fucked by my black dildo while he fingered himself. Another fun moment.

And finally the 3rd was a painful call. He was from the UK and you can imagine how open-minded these guys are. He craved to be hurt by a Mistress. And hurt him I did. I enjoy CBT and stomping on a penis really makes me smile. I had his place his balls and penis on a side table. Then ordered him to close his hand into a fist. "Now stomp your penis with your fist you little bitch!" Ouch. He pleaded me not to do it a second time. And being the person who likes opposites, I had him stomp two more times.

There were a couple of other calls tonight ... but these were the three amusing ones of the day.

Domina Jade

Tuesday, November 8

Ranting about illiterate morons

So I have a profile on which I find is a much better site than First it's completely free and the forums are by far so much better. But as with any service, there are pros and cons. My biggest gripe is that I will of course receive a whole slew of messages that are mostly one liners. And that just irkes me because I am wasting my time reading through their e-mail and hitting the delete button. Do they not have a brain? I mean I am very specific about what I seek, but of course there are many who are too damn lazy to bother with a personal e-mail. Rather they copy and paste from other e-mails that they've sent to many other Mistresses advertising on collarme.

Now I have changes my mail setting to automatically send messages from submissives with no profiles to my bulk folder. That pretty much saves me a headache. I find that most with no profiles are likely to be lazy when writting a Mistress. Well that's my findings anyways.

Friday, November 4

My Philosophy of what a submissive is

I just sent an e-mail in response to a submissive's application to serve me. The words just flew out as I explained my version of what a submissive is to me. I will repeat it here:

Ok, here is my personal philosophy.

A submissive is simply there for my amusement. He serves me, adores me, worships me and spoils me. I can and will do anything I want with my submissive (of course keeping within SSC)

I prefer to play with submissives who expect nothing in return except the satisfaction of making me happy. Because he knows his role in life, which is to serve his Goddess. Afterall I view myself this way and I expect no less.

There will be no mention of vanilla sex, oral gratification or intimate body worship with me. I am a professional Domina and this is not allowed. Plus no submissives in my eyes are worthy of such a priviledge. So better lock away that idea and toss away the key now.

I will expect a submissive to have an open-mind about any activities that I will experiment with. Of course your fetishes will be taken into consideration, but I will be the one in control at all times. So I make the rules and you will abide by them. This is no McDonalds where you can order me to perform certain acts. I do as I so well please. And the earlier that you realize this, the better our time together.

I am a lifestyle Domina. I command respect at all times. Any disobedience will be punished accordingly.

Are you ready to submit to me fully? Or is this just a fantasy for you to try out? I only play with the most sincere and willing submissive. No more and no less.

Domina Jade

Perhaps this will shed some light on my personal thoughts which will better guide you when submitting to me.