Tuesday, November 15

Gifts and Tribute

One of the good things of being a sexy female is that we can take advantage of men :D

Often I am taken out to expensive dinners, taken out shopping, run errands for me, be my chauffeur of the day and they send me cash. It is so sweet getting these payments into my Niteflirt account.

Take Mr. Fromage, he's decided to go on a trial of 90 days as my financial slave. I gave him the option of paying $50, $100, or $250 per week. And he opted for $250. I am just purring with delight when I saw this .... and it was super easy too. Mind you, he did listen to several of my recordings more than once so I knew he was serious and very interested. And today at my request, he sent me a $150 amazon gift card. I should get my 3 seasons of Charmed in the mail soon :D I consider this my early Christmas present.

I enjoy exploiting these cash piggies because I can. I figure that if I have the goods (looks and attitude) I might as well use it to my advantage. Plus I am not forcing anyone to contribute to my lifestyle, this is done out of their free will because, get this they WANT to be used and abuse. And use and abuse I will. Now to figure out who will pay my rent too ... will it be you?

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