Friday, November 4

My Philosophy of what a submissive is

I just sent an e-mail in response to a submissive's application to serve me. The words just flew out as I explained my version of what a submissive is to me. I will repeat it here:

Ok, here is my personal philosophy.

A submissive is simply there for my amusement. He serves me, adores me, worships me and spoils me. I can and will do anything I want with my submissive (of course keeping within SSC)

I prefer to play with submissives who expect nothing in return except the satisfaction of making me happy. Because he knows his role in life, which is to serve his Goddess. Afterall I view myself this way and I expect no less.

There will be no mention of vanilla sex, oral gratification or intimate body worship with me. I am a professional Domina and this is not allowed. Plus no submissives in my eyes are worthy of such a priviledge. So better lock away that idea and toss away the key now.

I will expect a submissive to have an open-mind about any activities that I will experiment with. Of course your fetishes will be taken into consideration, but I will be the one in control at all times. So I make the rules and you will abide by them. This is no McDonalds where you can order me to perform certain acts. I do as I so well please. And the earlier that you realize this, the better our time together.

I am a lifestyle Domina. I command respect at all times. Any disobedience will be punished accordingly.

Are you ready to submit to me fully? Or is this just a fantasy for you to try out? I only play with the most sincere and willing submissive. No more and no less.

Domina Jade

Perhaps this will shed some light on my personal thoughts which will better guide you when submitting to me.

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