Thursday, November 24

Session with sub Al

So I had a session Tuesday afternoon with a new submissive. He came dressed in business attire, clean shaven, I guess your usual strict businessman type. Actually many submissives that I see tend to have high positions and just need to be 'free' and lose their inhibitions when they are with me. I respect their choices and being a submissive does not make them weak ... even though I do play the "I am superior than thou" in my sessions. But realistically I regard my clients as human beings first and foremost.

I entered the room wearing my pvc mini skirt and fishnet top that showed my black bra underneath. My usual pvc top had ripped, I need to have that fixed. Well sub Al was mesmerized by my presence. I knew he has an ass fetish and so I flaunted mine as I walked in front of him. He needed to be spanked as he hadn't been spanked in awhile. But first he was to crawl to me and lick every inch of my lovely heels. I love to see a submissive on their hands and knees ... yes in that moment he was inferior and I treated him as such.

I told him that he had been a very bad boy, and needed to be disciplined. And so he got some real good spanking from my gloved hands. He loved the feel of pvc covering his ass. He absolutely loved the look, the feel and the smell of pvc. And he craved to touch me, but being the deviant being that I am - I denied his request. Oh he had to feel my wrath because he didn't think that I'd be so sadistic, but I proved him wrong. I used my bare hands, my flogger, my spanking paddle and my heavy duty rubber paddle on him. His ass was turning a deep shade of pink once I was done with him. And although I was harsh with him, it turned him on. If only he could touch me once, he'd do ANYTHING for the priviledge.

I decided to be generous with him and allowed him to touch my pvc clad bottom - with one finger only. He pleaded with me to allow him more, but I would not budge. He had to accept whatever I allowed him. I watched him from the mirror as he traced his finger over the panty line that showed from underneath my skirt. I giggled and commented how pathetic he looked. He didn't care that he's being pathetic because it was worth every touch. However his hand 'slipped' and covered my ass. I did not like that one bit, so I smaked his palm hard with a wooden spoon 10 times. I knew that since he doesn't feel this sensation often, it was painful for him. After his punishment I teased him some more and denied him ever more till he could almost feel his loins burst.

Overall the session was a good one, I had him do other amusing tasks like try to cum with saran wrap over his penis. That was very funny to watch. Needless to say he couldn't cum in time before the session ended. I guess he will be jerking off at work lol.

I pretty much opened his mind further on BDSM as he was used to more sensual/sexual play. As I explained to him later, BDSM to be is about having a very good mind-fuck.

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