Wednesday, December 28

New set of paddles for Christmas :-)

I had a very nice evening with sub. philippe tonight. We went to a creperie restaurant and picked up dessert at Kilo. We ordered my favorite, sugar pie. Unfortunately it wasn't that good. Oh well, next time somewhere else.

When we arrived at phlippe's place, two nicely wrapped present where on the 'throne.' And I knew it was for me. I took my time unwrapping, careful not to tear the wrapping paper. I delicately took out my first gift with was a beautiful wooden paddle shaped like an old fashion hair brush. Except this was much thicker.

The next gift was longer, in fact it was another wooden paddle with holes going through it. It was simply gorgeous and it fit nicely in my hand.

It was only until late in the evening that we played. I love testing out new equipment. I laughed wickedly while phlippe groaned and moaned from the pain I had inflicted on him. I also incorporated waxplay into the scene. We both enjoy waxplay a lot. And this time I used two candles at the same time.

The result from the paddles where gorgeous blisters. The skin became rough to the touch and I am sure that philippe will feel the aftermath tomorrow when he sits down. Hehehe, I love having philippe as my personal playtoy. We both feed of each others sado/maso personalities. Another reason why he's a keeper is that he makes such quality toys for me. He has proven to me how useful he is.

Now if only I can find a costume maker and photographer, then I'd be very happy.

Lifestyler since the age of 15

This 22 year old submissive male e-mailed me a couple of days earlier saying that he's interested in serving me and that he's been part of the lifestyle for the past 7 years. Well I find that highly doubtful since that would mean he was 15 years old when he started. I can believe that he was curious and that a fetish was a result towards turn of events but to actually be "part" of the lifestyle??? I don't think so.

The reason why I do not believe his story is because he would have to interact with like-minded people in the fetish community. And as far as I know, no responsible adult will allow a child of 15 years to part-take in the fetish community.

So I told him:

"Oh quite impressive to be in the lifestyle for the past 7 years ... that means you started at the prime age of 15 yrs. In that case, please explain how you became involved. I am quite curious how a 15 yr old would be accepted in the fetish community. Domina Jade "

He responded today:

"i have been in the lifestyle for that long,,
paid older Mistresses greater amounts to overlook the age factor Maam"

Oh give me a break!!! Did he think that by mentioning money everything would be so easy?? I don't think that a resposible Mistress would be so driven by money that they'd overlook his age. If this actually happened then I do not even think she's a Mistress because she, in my opinion, has created a heinous crime. This is pretty much child abuse and pedophiling. But like I said, I doubt that this is true.

So I respond:

"I highly doubt that any self-respecting Domme would be lured into training an under-aged child to play S/M games. you are either too high in your own fantasies or take me for an idiot for which I am not. And to think that money will actually lure me as well, if your story was actually true, is completely wrong. Because I do not play with whomever comes my way. No matter what your wallet size.

I find that trust is a very important element in BDSM play. And already you do not have my trust. So I bid you farewell to these e-mail chats because I have no interest in continuing them. Don't even bother e-mailing me back because I have already blocked you.

Domina Jade"

Gawd, the things that people say! It really does boggle my mind. Now I do not mind playing with younger guys/girls than myself as long as they are legal. I want to be able to trust my submissives and vice versa. I want to develop a deep relationship where I really get to know my submissives. And if I catch you in a lie, then you have completely tarnished the trust we have established. So for any submissive out there who hopes to serve me in r/t one day, do not feed me bullshit stories. you will not impress me, you will only have me shut the door in your face.

Saturday, December 24

Milking a submissive dry

Last night I had a lot of fun on the phone. I talked about feminization, cuckolding, financial slavery, you know the usual. But late last night I decided to go on cam for a submissive who has been trying to see me for a couple of days. But our schedules didn't really click until yesterday.

I will call him milkshake because he's got these man boobies, and I made him dance to the tune of the Milkshake song while rubbing his "boobies" LOL that was quite a laugh. Even better was that we remained on cam for 45 minutes, so I milked him dry financially. I made $170 just off of him. Not bad for sitting pretty in front of a cam and directing the submissive to stuff a carrot up his ass. Plus I even made him go into his hamper and get a pair of stinky underwear briefs to put it over his head and cover his face. Hehehe. I am so bad. Oh and he also had to pay the "Cum Tax" because he begged and pleaded to cum but I wouldn't let him until he pay up. Since he's feeling weak and so horny, he happily obliged. Chi-ching.

I love getting submissives like these. Those who actually stay on the phone long enough to entertain ME and no one else. There's no time limit, he just keeps on adding to his balance until I am done with him.

Wouldn't you want to contribute to my lifestyle?? Here's a very small way of making my happy. It's only $25 out of your pocket, but at least you know that it is a wise investment :)

(p.s DO NOT click unless you are really ready to send tribute. Otherwise I will block your sorry ass for wasting my time, just a fair warning)

All cheap-asses who call and bail after 3 minutes are blocked. I have little time to waste on wankers anyways. But really, what's the use of calling for 3 minutes?? Must be that they're impotent and have small weiners. And I have no use for those either.

My asian cuckold called me as well. He has this fantasy of having me as a girlfriend and using him for his money while I fuck other more endowed men. He sent me a picture and his dick is about the size of his pinky. LOL poor guy indeed. I told him that I will add his photo to my Yahoo Group. So if you want to see it, you will have to join. Go to my personal website for the link.

I will be posting more NF stories and if I get more humiliating photos, those will be posted in my Yahoo Group.

Merry XXXmas and Happy New Year

Domina Jade

Sunday, December 18

Session among friends

I have a secondary blog on

Rather than copy and paste the entire blog here, I'd rather just add the link HERE

You will discover new toys that I used on my sub. philippe.

Sunday, December 11

Cease with the GENERIC letters!

I had someone respond to me from another forum, CM. Since it's free, I tend to get a lot of letters.

Well today I got this long winded letter that seems vaguely familiar. However what struck me as 'fake' what this part:

"But I was excited to see your views as it immediately struck a chord with me. Its appealing you are straight forward in your concepts and that you seek devotion, service, and adoration...such views resonate with me as I understand growth through service."

Okay on my CM profile I blatantly say that I am looking for paying submissives. And nowhere did I say that I am looking for devotion, service, and adoration as he mentioned. So this is my response.

I don't think you have truely understood my profile..... what you mention is a Mistress who is looking for a committed relationship and no where in my profile does it state that I am looking for such. I am pretty clear when I say that I am looking for a PAYING submissive for the occasional session with me.

This letter sounds like it has been around for a long time. In fact I vaguely remember reading it already. Seems like you have already e-mailed me before. Do you not think that I would recognize your attempt to pretend you haven't e-mailed me before??? I suggest that you re-write or even better stop your mass e-mails to just ANY Mistress. I have no time for submissives who will settle for just anyone - makes you seem desperate. Don't take my reactions the wrong way, I am simply sending you some constructive critism.

So do not e-mail me with your generic letters. Better yet, do me a favor and BLOCK ME.

Anyways, I will continually get dumb 'submissives' who think that they can impress me with letters of devotion that sounded very very over-used. Well when it sounds too good to be true I am very skeptical indeed.

Domina Jade

Thursday, December 8

New blog on ALT

I conceded to a fellow Mistress friend who suggested that I rejoin

After much thought I decided to join because I missed discussion in local BDSM groups created by Mistress Jade Dragon. So now I have a new profile under DominaJade which suited me better than AsianKinkySiren.

Here is my other blog on Alt.

My previous blog using AsianKinkySiren is here:

Tuesday, December 6

Preaching the Sins of a Pro-Domme

I know that not everyone share the same opinion about pro-Dommes. Some feel that where there's a demand it's okay to fulfill the need and others regard pro-Domme as prostitution and therefore wrong. While I do agree that there are some pros who give this line of work a bad name, not every pro-Domme offers sex and I am certainly one of them.

What I do not agree with are those who start preaching that being a pro-Domme is wrong that it's a sin. I was contacted by a member on Collarme, this is how it went:

preacher*: "selling sex is wrong"

DominaJade: "Oh so we have a prudist here on CM. your opinions about pro Dommes are your right, but don't go preaching your views on me. In case you didn't read my profile in whole there is no mention that I am offering sex. Domina Jade"

preacher: "indirectly you are by session, men seek excitement, you sell sex in this way"

DominaJade: "Well whatever you say goes in one ear and out the next ear. Try preaching to someone who cares about your opinion. Don't e-mail me again. Domina Jade"

(*) Not the actual name of the member.

When I am on collarme or any meeting forum, I do not seek out other members and start preaching my views on other people. I find that this type of behaviour is rude and unacceptable. Just because I am fulfill an excitement by dominating men and women (*gasp* I happen to be bisexual too) does not mean I am offering sex. As far as I am concerned the definition of sex is to be have intercourse.

Personally I don't think I should defend my choices about being a pro-Domme, but I have seen so many conflicting views when it comes to this topic/subject. I will agree to not-agree, but just don't start stuffing your opinion down my throat when I did not ask for one.

Private Play Party on Dec. 3rd

My submissive philippe and I went to a private party east on Montreal. It was the second time that we went to Jules and JulieAnne's dungeon.

There are pictures of the dungeon at

It's a large play space in the basement. The walls are made of reinforced concrete, actually the place use to be a storage for fur coats. The dungeon was discreetly located and no one is the wiser.

We arrived at 10pm, and there were a few ppl who arrived before us. Usually the party starts past 11pm. The cocktail dishes that philippe brought in were very good. I couldn't help nibbling throughout the whole evening because I ate little before coming to the party.

The action started when a well known bondage fetishist started suspension play with a male submissive. The Dominant was very talented at using shibari techniques and it was quite a learning experience to watch him perform. It took a good 45 minutes to complete the rope bondage and another couple of minutes to unravel the submissive. One day I hope to be as talented, but for now I will practice my knots.

After witnessing the bondage scene, I felt the itch to play with my submissive. I opted for a metal device attached to a wall. It looks like a curved sculture with wrist and ankle restraints attached. Once I secured philippe with the restraints, I started to warm up by spanking him with my bare hands. It stung me, but I am sure it stung him even more over the bare ass. There were a couple of devices that I played with; a leather paddle, flogger, nipple clamps, cane, switch, rubber paddle and leather switch.

During play, I am so concentrate on the scene that I rarely notice everyone else. My good friend Mistress Jade Dragon, owner of, finally arrived at the party but I did not notice. When I saw her, I left my submissive for a moment to chat with my friend. She wore a lovely tall suede hat, one that I have always wanted to have as part of my wardrobe collection. She did not come with a submissive and so I shared philippe with her. I knew he was in good hands, so I left the two to play.

As I was watching the two play, I was approached by Mistress Malycia. We shared similar views on D/s. Perhaps one day we will double domme. I would love to shared stories and techniques. She seemed like a serious Mistress who knew what she wants, the way I know what I want.

Last time I came to a play party in October, I was shy and nervous because it was my first time scening in front of many well known BDSMers. This time I socialized more and it was nice to get input from other fetishists.

Next party will be in February. Hopefully I will be able to go, it really is a public event to go to.

A glimpse of my new website

*yawn* I am tired. I have finally gotten of my lazy butt to complete my website. Right now it's on geocities but everything will be transfered to my official wesbite.

Take a look

I am proud of what I have done so far and this site will always be improved as I gather more photos and videos to add a membership page. That's my goal for the upcoming year.

Well good night, I am off to bed.