Sunday, December 11

Cease with the GENERIC letters!

I had someone respond to me from another forum, CM. Since it's free, I tend to get a lot of letters.

Well today I got this long winded letter that seems vaguely familiar. However what struck me as 'fake' what this part:

"But I was excited to see your views as it immediately struck a chord with me. Its appealing you are straight forward in your concepts and that you seek devotion, service, and adoration...such views resonate with me as I understand growth through service."

Okay on my CM profile I blatantly say that I am looking for paying submissives. And nowhere did I say that I am looking for devotion, service, and adoration as he mentioned. So this is my response.

I don't think you have truely understood my profile..... what you mention is a Mistress who is looking for a committed relationship and no where in my profile does it state that I am looking for such. I am pretty clear when I say that I am looking for a PAYING submissive for the occasional session with me.

This letter sounds like it has been around for a long time. In fact I vaguely remember reading it already. Seems like you have already e-mailed me before. Do you not think that I would recognize your attempt to pretend you haven't e-mailed me before??? I suggest that you re-write or even better stop your mass e-mails to just ANY Mistress. I have no time for submissives who will settle for just anyone - makes you seem desperate. Don't take my reactions the wrong way, I am simply sending you some constructive critism.

So do not e-mail me with your generic letters. Better yet, do me a favor and BLOCK ME.

Anyways, I will continually get dumb 'submissives' who think that they can impress me with letters of devotion that sounded very very over-used. Well when it sounds too good to be true I am very skeptical indeed.

Domina Jade

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