Saturday, December 24

Milking a submissive dry

Last night I had a lot of fun on the phone. I talked about feminization, cuckolding, financial slavery, you know the usual. But late last night I decided to go on cam for a submissive who has been trying to see me for a couple of days. But our schedules didn't really click until yesterday.

I will call him milkshake because he's got these man boobies, and I made him dance to the tune of the Milkshake song while rubbing his "boobies" LOL that was quite a laugh. Even better was that we remained on cam for 45 minutes, so I milked him dry financially. I made $170 just off of him. Not bad for sitting pretty in front of a cam and directing the submissive to stuff a carrot up his ass. Plus I even made him go into his hamper and get a pair of stinky underwear briefs to put it over his head and cover his face. Hehehe. I am so bad. Oh and he also had to pay the "Cum Tax" because he begged and pleaded to cum but I wouldn't let him until he pay up. Since he's feeling weak and so horny, he happily obliged. Chi-ching.

I love getting submissives like these. Those who actually stay on the phone long enough to entertain ME and no one else. There's no time limit, he just keeps on adding to his balance until I am done with him.

Wouldn't you want to contribute to my lifestyle?? Here's a very small way of making my happy. It's only $25 out of your pocket, but at least you know that it is a wise investment :)

(p.s DO NOT click unless you are really ready to send tribute. Otherwise I will block your sorry ass for wasting my time, just a fair warning)

All cheap-asses who call and bail after 3 minutes are blocked. I have little time to waste on wankers anyways. But really, what's the use of calling for 3 minutes?? Must be that they're impotent and have small weiners. And I have no use for those either.

My asian cuckold called me as well. He has this fantasy of having me as a girlfriend and using him for his money while I fuck other more endowed men. He sent me a picture and his dick is about the size of his pinky. LOL poor guy indeed. I told him that I will add his photo to my Yahoo Group. So if you want to see it, you will have to join. Go to my personal website for the link.

I will be posting more NF stories and if I get more humiliating photos, those will be posted in my Yahoo Group.

Merry XXXmas and Happy New Year

Domina Jade

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