Wednesday, December 28

New set of paddles for Christmas :-)

I had a very nice evening with sub. philippe tonight. We went to a creperie restaurant and picked up dessert at Kilo. We ordered my favorite, sugar pie. Unfortunately it wasn't that good. Oh well, next time somewhere else.

When we arrived at phlippe's place, two nicely wrapped present where on the 'throne.' And I knew it was for me. I took my time unwrapping, careful not to tear the wrapping paper. I delicately took out my first gift with was a beautiful wooden paddle shaped like an old fashion hair brush. Except this was much thicker.

The next gift was longer, in fact it was another wooden paddle with holes going through it. It was simply gorgeous and it fit nicely in my hand.

It was only until late in the evening that we played. I love testing out new equipment. I laughed wickedly while phlippe groaned and moaned from the pain I had inflicted on him. I also incorporated waxplay into the scene. We both enjoy waxplay a lot. And this time I used two candles at the same time.

The result from the paddles where gorgeous blisters. The skin became rough to the touch and I am sure that philippe will feel the aftermath tomorrow when he sits down. Hehehe, I love having philippe as my personal playtoy. We both feed of each others sado/maso personalities. Another reason why he's a keeper is that he makes such quality toys for me. He has proven to me how useful he is.

Now if only I can find a costume maker and photographer, then I'd be very happy.

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