Tuesday, December 6

Preaching the Sins of a Pro-Domme

I know that not everyone share the same opinion about pro-Dommes. Some feel that where there's a demand it's okay to fulfill the need and others regard pro-Domme as prostitution and therefore wrong. While I do agree that there are some pros who give this line of work a bad name, not every pro-Domme offers sex and I am certainly one of them.

What I do not agree with are those who start preaching that being a pro-Domme is wrong that it's a sin. I was contacted by a member on Collarme, this is how it went:

preacher*: "selling sex is wrong"

DominaJade: "Oh so we have a prudist here on CM. your opinions about pro Dommes are your right, but don't go preaching your views on me. In case you didn't read my profile in whole there is no mention that I am offering sex. Domina Jade"

preacher: "indirectly you are by session, men seek excitement, you sell sex in this way"

DominaJade: "Well whatever you say goes in one ear and out the next ear. Try preaching to someone who cares about your opinion. Don't e-mail me again. Domina Jade"

(*) Not the actual name of the member.

When I am on collarme or any meeting forum, I do not seek out other members and start preaching my views on other people. I find that this type of behaviour is rude and unacceptable. Just because I am fulfill an excitement by dominating men and women (*gasp* I happen to be bisexual too) does not mean I am offering sex. As far as I am concerned the definition of sex is to be have intercourse.

Personally I don't think I should defend my choices about being a pro-Domme, but I have seen so many conflicting views when it comes to this topic/subject. I will agree to not-agree, but just don't start stuffing your opinion down my throat when I did not ask for one.

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