Friday, January 27

Photo Shoot

Today I helped a fellow dominatrix take some photos. The photoshoot lasted approx. 3 hours and the pictures are absolutely kickass! She took several of me as well, take a peek:

These were taken on my camera, so the quality is not that great. But I will post the rest of the photoshoot collect in my yahoo group.

Thursday, January 26

An annoying call

This month has been quiet in terms on real time sessions. But that doesn't mean I will be desperate and accept just anybody.

richard, was referred to me several months ago. However a couple of minutes into the conversation I immediately thought "wanker" and rejected his request to see me. However he persistently calls to see if I would change my mind about him. Well his ideal session would be that I would jerk him off while dominating him. He feels that 'we' would benefit since he plans on seeing me many more times - so he says. Anyway, I have no interest in helping someone cum by my own hand. Not only do I think it an unprofessional practice for a pro-Domme but I think it's 'gross' for lack of a better word.

Oh he's persistent I must admit, and he convinced me to have dinner with him. The day that he called, I was in a happy mood so he struck lucky. Dinner was fine, however in his mind he regards BDSM in a sexual way. Oh I have no problems with that, however don't expect me to have any part in it. So I was clear that I have no intention in having a session with him. My ideal session would be with a submissive who is truely interested in BDSM and not about cumming at the end of the session. Well that was a few months ago.

Today I get disturbed watching "The Cave." Immediately I recognized his voice and cut to the chase and asked him what he wanted. Of course, he wanted to know if I would be interested in having a session with him. Well does it involve sensual play, because if it did I am still not interested. His words, "Well it's not like I would be fucking you or anything" Wow, what a stupid thing to say. People like him who call me haven't got a clue. I don't understand why he calls even with rejection after rejection. Maybe it's like a fetish for him who knows. But I had more important things to do, like watching my movie so I hung up.

Monday, January 23

Blasting a photo online

I came across a 'princess' blog. You know that ones who are ultra spoiled and expect every submissive to hand over their wallet?? Well she wrote something in her blog that I totally disagree with.

A submissive submitted to the 'princess' a photo of his nake wife because he wants to exploit his wife. The princess then posts the photo and has more on her website. Whether or not these photos are real, I am totally appalled by her actions. Because the wife probably has not consented to having her naked photos plastered online. It is one thing to actually talk about the fantasy over the phone, but it's another to actually post someone elses naked pics without their permission. I really do have a problem with 'princesses' who show a lack of ethics and common respect but think that it's okay.

I certainly have no problem with embarrassing a submissive online, but only with their consent. I know that I have had lots of fun putting my submissives in humiliating situations but we share a mutual pleasure out of the experience. But before a submissive posts a relatively compromising photo of himself, he must understand the situation very well.

For example I remember a call way back when someone dared me to post his penis photo on various different websites. He had previously played this game with other girls but they did not comply with his dare, saying that it was a bit of an effort. I, on the other hand had no problems at all with his request. In fact I submitted his photo to a site that allows people to "rate your dick." By now he felt intimidated by me and begged me to take his photo off, to which I replied that it was too late. He was quite stupid for allowing himself to be in that predicament in the first place. What insued were "you mean bitch" and other name calling. I simply laughed and put him in his place. I bet he won't be playing that game again *G*

Sunday, January 22


A submissive from my yahoo group sent me this lovely poem. I want to share it:

As I cry
take pleasure
When I scream
no longer hear
When I fuss
lend a deaf ear
refuse to allow me my flight
capture me but your hands remain open
allow me to follow
but there are places I cannot go
stick me in a closet for furthur understanding
remain as aloof as Newly fallen snow
When and where
I will follow
Through my pain I know
in the morning
I am again replaced in my bed of fond amusement.

Saturday, January 21

Another e-mail NO NO

This guy from ALT thinks he's some hot shit and e-mails me 3 photos of himself naked. And writes a disgusting e-mail:

I would like to lick your wet pussy, and to satisfy you with my cock
more pictures from me are in the album or in the network
I would like fingering yours pussy and rubbing yours clit. , and lick much. fucking your hard doggie style, .slam my cock in your wet cunt!
I would like to kiss you and your chests stroke to the nipples am hard. then I would like to suck to your nipples. and with my caught between your lips play to you are completely wet. then I would like with my tongue yours pussy lick to you one orgasmus have. only then I would like with my hard tail to begin, fucking your hard doggie style. and if it does not stand any longer licked I you to I again can, and that I would like to make the whole night,

To which I responded:

I will be quite generous with my words, because usually I don't respond to disrespecting e-mails like yours. But I will kindly say,


Have a good day and by the way your pictures do not depict something that I would like to fuck. I find you quite pathetic really.

Domina Jade

I really don't care about meeting ppl from Alt anymore. I am simply there to read the blogs and interact with the local bdsm community. Other than that I have no use to Alt and their cockshots. What is about guys and girls who send their naked pics??? If it's a guy I will put him in my loser list, if it's a good looking girl I then deem her fake. *Sigh* I did not sign for AdultFriendFinder and yet I find people cruising me. Well that's part of having a prtofile on ALT, you get the good and the bad. It just seems I rarely get the good.

Thursday, January 19

Hell Yeah!!!

I was browsing Jane's Guide and found this site called Burning Rubber, this is what I really really want for my b-day present. Go buy it :D

Happy Birthday to Me

So it's my birthday and I am a quarter of a century old. When I say that, yeah it seems that so much time has passed by but really my real life has just begun.

I was woken up at 7:38am! this morning by my friend whom I have not spoken to in a few months. This I consider waaaay to early to call since I usually wake at noon or past noon. But I made an exception, afterall we haven't spoken for a long time and it was nice to hear from her again. After talking to her, I realized how much happier I am now that I am working for myself and not for a boss. There no commuting as early as 5am in the morning, no dealing with irrate customers, no annoying employees to talk too, and no being on the boss's good side. I miss all my ex co-workers, but not the job itself.

I don't have much plans to celebrate my b-day today. I will leave that for the weekend :D Actually today I have to renew my drivers license. I was supposed to go yesterday but with the heavy rain and slippery ice, I figured it wasn't worth it. Besides it's such a beautiful day today.

Last night I registered on ModelMayhem. Currently my profile is under approval. I hope to collaborate with talent fetish photographers for my website. I already have 2 photo sessions lined up in February, and with MM I might have more coming up.

I have many plans for the website including posting a free video clip of me. So make sure that you bookmark or join my yahoo group for any updates.

I am also looking for story submissions about FemDom. So if you are a good writer and would like to see your story published, then please send me an e-mail.

Tuesday, January 17

January Phone Special

I will be turning 25yr on January 19th, so I am reducing my rate on both Niteflirt and TalkSugar. If you haven't spoken to me before then now is the time to pick up the phone.

The rates are as follows:

Phone only is $1.25/minute
Phone and Cam is $2.25/minute

You will have to register on either website in order to call me. Niteflirt accepts callers from U.S, Europe and Canada. And TalkSugar will accept a caller from almost any country.

The special will last until midnight January 20th, so better be quick. If I am not available, you can always e-mail me or arrange a call on NF.

Domina Jade

Saturday, January 7

Webcam is back

Just a little update, I found my usb link. It was in my speaker box that I was about to throw out. Seems I forget that I also cleared away my broken speakers. Phew, I am so happy I have my usb link back, it really is such a hassle to find matching wires for a no-name brand camera.

Of course I still want the Logitech Orbit webcam but I will also add new PC speakers :D


Also I am waiting for approval from TalkSugar to have a LiveCam listing. I hope my internet doesn't fuck up on me when I am on cam.

Friday, January 6

No webcam sessions for now :-(

Somehow on New Years I lost the usb wire to my webcam :( I was cleaning and threw away my old computer mouse and un-plugging the usb to my webcam that I must've thrown it away by accident. And it's pretty shitty of me because now I can't even offer webcam sessions to my long distance submissives. Perhaps it was a sign that I needed a new webcam anyways .... and I want the new Logitech Quickcam Orbit MP.

See Here So if you are a generous submissive and really want to please me then buy it. You can e-mail me directly for the mailing address.


I have joined as an alternative to Niteflirt. At least on TalkSugar clients can call from all over the world. If you have tried calling me on NF but to no avail, then this is the perfect alternative. Click on the banner below to join.

[ Talk to sexy women live on the phone right now! ]

or call
DominaJade at 1-877-447-8427 EXT: 6239