Thursday, January 26

An annoying call

This month has been quiet in terms on real time sessions. But that doesn't mean I will be desperate and accept just anybody.

richard, was referred to me several months ago. However a couple of minutes into the conversation I immediately thought "wanker" and rejected his request to see me. However he persistently calls to see if I would change my mind about him. Well his ideal session would be that I would jerk him off while dominating him. He feels that 'we' would benefit since he plans on seeing me many more times - so he says. Anyway, I have no interest in helping someone cum by my own hand. Not only do I think it an unprofessional practice for a pro-Domme but I think it's 'gross' for lack of a better word.

Oh he's persistent I must admit, and he convinced me to have dinner with him. The day that he called, I was in a happy mood so he struck lucky. Dinner was fine, however in his mind he regards BDSM in a sexual way. Oh I have no problems with that, however don't expect me to have any part in it. So I was clear that I have no intention in having a session with him. My ideal session would be with a submissive who is truely interested in BDSM and not about cumming at the end of the session. Well that was a few months ago.

Today I get disturbed watching "The Cave." Immediately I recognized his voice and cut to the chase and asked him what he wanted. Of course, he wanted to know if I would be interested in having a session with him. Well does it involve sensual play, because if it did I am still not interested. His words, "Well it's not like I would be fucking you or anything" Wow, what a stupid thing to say. People like him who call me haven't got a clue. I don't understand why he calls even with rejection after rejection. Maybe it's like a fetish for him who knows. But I had more important things to do, like watching my movie so I hung up.

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