Saturday, January 21

Another e-mail NO NO

This guy from ALT thinks he's some hot shit and e-mails me 3 photos of himself naked. And writes a disgusting e-mail:

I would like to lick your wet pussy, and to satisfy you with my cock
more pictures from me are in the album or in the network
I would like fingering yours pussy and rubbing yours clit. , and lick much. fucking your hard doggie style, .slam my cock in your wet cunt!
I would like to kiss you and your chests stroke to the nipples am hard. then I would like to suck to your nipples. and with my caught between your lips play to you are completely wet. then I would like with my tongue yours pussy lick to you one orgasmus have. only then I would like with my hard tail to begin, fucking your hard doggie style. and if it does not stand any longer licked I you to I again can, and that I would like to make the whole night,

To which I responded:

I will be quite generous with my words, because usually I don't respond to disrespecting e-mails like yours. But I will kindly say,


Have a good day and by the way your pictures do not depict something that I would like to fuck. I find you quite pathetic really.

Domina Jade

I really don't care about meeting ppl from Alt anymore. I am simply there to read the blogs and interact with the local bdsm community. Other than that I have no use to Alt and their cockshots. What is about guys and girls who send their naked pics??? If it's a guy I will put him in my loser list, if it's a good looking girl I then deem her fake. *Sigh* I did not sign for AdultFriendFinder and yet I find people cruising me. Well that's part of having a prtofile on ALT, you get the good and the bad. It just seems I rarely get the good.

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