Monday, February 27

The Joys of a CB cage

I absolutely love the idea of torturing the sub's most vulnerable part, their cock and balls. It is a piece of flesh hanging out there totally exposed. And it is often their measure of their ego and manliness. But I usually don't see them bragging about their penis once I squeeze their balls real tight.

boytoy j and I went to see the Olypic Stadium on Saturday. But before we left, I made him wear his CB cage. It's such a lovely piece of equipement - made of leather and squeezes every part together tightly. Took him awhile to put it on, well it means he actually has something to put in. *Grin*

What we secretly share is his humiliation while he wore the cage in public. I delighted in reminding him about his predicament everytime I secretly rubbed his crotch. Usually it is meant to pleasure but in his case he hurts from my touch. He wore the cage for 7 hours. He felt the discomfort with every moment together, especially as I whispered wicked thoughts into his ear which would make him hard. And then he'd feel the pain from his loins.

It pleases me when a submissive offers his submission though pain and humiliation. I love it when I use their vulnerabilities to my advantage. I delight in seeing my submissives suffer for me because they know it gives me pleasure. Then cruelly say no to take the cage off because they cannot bear it anymore.

CBT games are amusing to me. It will never bore me because every submissive has a different reaction towards my CBT games. And I will not be completely satisfied until I hear them beg for mercy.

~ Domina Jade
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Friday, February 24

Realities of Phone Sessions

I had spoken to a submissive who has feminization fantasies. I thought it was a very good call, as we role-played my strap-on on my little sissy slut. However I get back a 5 star feedback with this note:

"i enjoyed the call but was hoping to speak with a real time asian dominatrix.not sure if i can find one on keen.she has a very sexy voice." 2.13.2006

The insinuation that I am not a 'real time asian dominatrix' is a real disappointment. And here is what I think about this comment.

First of all when calling any phone operator or Mistress for a phone session understand that there are certain limitations like lack of touch, lack of equipment, lack of space, and lack of submissive. So when a submissive calls and says he would like to serve me but happens to be miles away, short of turning this into a financial domination session there's not much that I can do. I can however stimulate your mind when I weave elaborate stories or launch in session details.

When I receive calls from submissives, I treat this as a fantasy unless I am recalling a real-time session in the past. I can treat this fantasy as 'real' as it can get by the way I describe my sessions, the way I bring in details, how I humiliate my submissives by self inflicting pain or direct them to do ridiculous tasks while on the phone with me.

Do I consider this as serving me?? Not quite, you amuse me. I take delight in controlling your penis or your ass. I delight in telling you MY fantasies. Because let's face it, the mind is the most sexual and powerful tool. And it is in my words that can engulf your submissive state of mind.

~ Domina Jade
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Thursday, February 23

BadAss Rubber Paddle

I have met sub. alex on several occasions either at a play space or for a session. he is, in my opinion a very good submissive to experiment on. he previously bought me a rubber paddle made out of recycled tires. I love the concept and you can buy it here

Here is my review on the Original BadAss 22"
When I first held it in my hand, I could definitely feel the weight. It's heavy and long, so you have to get use to the feeling and try to balance when spanking someone. The handle is made of metal with a rubber/plastic sleeve. It does have a metal ring to hang against the wall, which can be quite useful. The 22" paddle is probably not the best choice for me because I have small hands and it is on the heavy side. Also be vigilant when spanking someone continuously because you hands will feel slippery from sweat on the plastic sleeve. The paddle gives a nice thuddy feeling, but it will leave marks if you swing harder with the shoulders.

The paddle did give alex's bum cheeks a nice warm glowy look. But when I swung harder it can bruise as well. I do recommend this paddle for the 'scare' factor. But I won't play with this device for long periods of time because my hands did feel the fatigue after awhile (25 spankings plus 1 extra for good luck)

For someone with smaller hands, maybe try the 17" and I would get the one without the aluminum backing, if you want more sting. Rating 8/10

Thursday, February 16

Black series

I had yet another amazing shoot with Fotovation. We spent the whole day over 8 hours shooting pictures. And the result was pretty good. My pay-per-view photos should be available sometime at the end of February or early March. Be sure to join Niteflirt or TalkSugar as I am only accepting payment from those services.

Photos are copyright Fotovation 2006

~ Domina Jade

Wednesday, February 15

An all-day photoshoot

Well I am shooting with Fotovation today. He was the who took the nurse photos. Today I must have more endurance because it will be an all day shoot till we're both tired. I am waiting for my ride as I write.

For sure I am taking photos in my new latex dress that a submissive bought for me a few days ago. He had seen my profile on and e-mailed me saying that he wanted to get me a present of my choice. Since I enjoy shopping with submissives, I invited him to join me for a shopping spree at Northbound Leather and Il Bolero. Overall he spent over $500 on me. I got a latex dress, pvc underbust corset, and latex gloves.

I am tired, didn't get much sleep last night because of the excitement. I hope it doesn't show in the photos, but I am sure it can be edited out.

Anyway, keep an eye for my photos as they will be made available most likely by the end of the month. I should be posting a couple of freebies on my site, but at a smaller size. The rest of the collection can be bought as Pay-per-view via Niteflirt or TalkSugar.


Wednesday, February 8

Naughty Nurse photo set

So these are from a series of Nurse photos that I took today. I had so much fun but oh boy did my feet hurt me after the 3 hour shoot. But it's worth it because the images are kickass!

Be on the looking for when I make them available as PPV (pay-per-view)