Thursday, February 23

BadAss Rubber Paddle

I have met sub. alex on several occasions either at a play space or for a session. he is, in my opinion a very good submissive to experiment on. he previously bought me a rubber paddle made out of recycled tires. I love the concept and you can buy it here

Here is my review on the Original BadAss 22"
When I first held it in my hand, I could definitely feel the weight. It's heavy and long, so you have to get use to the feeling and try to balance when spanking someone. The handle is made of metal with a rubber/plastic sleeve. It does have a metal ring to hang against the wall, which can be quite useful. The 22" paddle is probably not the best choice for me because I have small hands and it is on the heavy side. Also be vigilant when spanking someone continuously because you hands will feel slippery from sweat on the plastic sleeve. The paddle gives a nice thuddy feeling, but it will leave marks if you swing harder with the shoulders.

The paddle did give alex's bum cheeks a nice warm glowy look. But when I swung harder it can bruise as well. I do recommend this paddle for the 'scare' factor. But I won't play with this device for long periods of time because my hands did feel the fatigue after awhile (25 spankings plus 1 extra for good luck)

For someone with smaller hands, maybe try the 17" and I would get the one without the aluminum backing, if you want more sting. Rating 8/10


BadAss said...

Thanks for the review! I wondered if this was gift for you when I saw the Montreal address... I'm really happy to hear that you liked the paddle.

I typically suggest the 17" for most people, and it's definitely the more popular size. Some people do like the longer version, but I think you're right, it mostly depends on how long you plan to swing it and how you're built.

Anyway, I do have a standing discount offer for bloggers who review the paddles, so if you're interested in trying out one of the smaller paddles drop me a line from the contact page on my blog.

Oh, and I'm glad you mentioned the slippery factor with the handle... I'll have to think about it and see if I can come up with a good solution. Observations like that are really useful to me when I do design revisions!

alex said...

'tis a small world indeed ;-)