Monday, February 27

The Joys of a CB cage

I absolutely love the idea of torturing the sub's most vulnerable part, their cock and balls. It is a piece of flesh hanging out there totally exposed. And it is often their measure of their ego and manliness. But I usually don't see them bragging about their penis once I squeeze their balls real tight.

boytoy j and I went to see the Olypic Stadium on Saturday. But before we left, I made him wear his CB cage. It's such a lovely piece of equipement - made of leather and squeezes every part together tightly. Took him awhile to put it on, well it means he actually has something to put in. *Grin*

What we secretly share is his humiliation while he wore the cage in public. I delighted in reminding him about his predicament everytime I secretly rubbed his crotch. Usually it is meant to pleasure but in his case he hurts from my touch. He wore the cage for 7 hours. He felt the discomfort with every moment together, especially as I whispered wicked thoughts into his ear which would make him hard. And then he'd feel the pain from his loins.

It pleases me when a submissive offers his submission though pain and humiliation. I love it when I use their vulnerabilities to my advantage. I delight in seeing my submissives suffer for me because they know it gives me pleasure. Then cruelly say no to take the cage off because they cannot bear it anymore.

CBT games are amusing to me. It will never bore me because every submissive has a different reaction towards my CBT games. And I will not be completely satisfied until I hear them beg for mercy.

~ Domina Jade
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