Friday, February 24

Realities of Phone Sessions

I had spoken to a submissive who has feminization fantasies. I thought it was a very good call, as we role-played my strap-on on my little sissy slut. However I get back a 5 star feedback with this note:

"i enjoyed the call but was hoping to speak with a real time asian dominatrix.not sure if i can find one on keen.she has a very sexy voice." 2.13.2006

The insinuation that I am not a 'real time asian dominatrix' is a real disappointment. And here is what I think about this comment.

First of all when calling any phone operator or Mistress for a phone session understand that there are certain limitations like lack of touch, lack of equipment, lack of space, and lack of submissive. So when a submissive calls and says he would like to serve me but happens to be miles away, short of turning this into a financial domination session there's not much that I can do. I can however stimulate your mind when I weave elaborate stories or launch in session details.

When I receive calls from submissives, I treat this as a fantasy unless I am recalling a real-time session in the past. I can treat this fantasy as 'real' as it can get by the way I describe my sessions, the way I bring in details, how I humiliate my submissives by self inflicting pain or direct them to do ridiculous tasks while on the phone with me.

Do I consider this as serving me?? Not quite, you amuse me. I take delight in controlling your penis or your ass. I delight in telling you MY fantasies. Because let's face it, the mind is the most sexual and powerful tool. And it is in my words that can engulf your submissive state of mind.

~ Domina Jade
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