Saturday, May 27

How can you help me? Gag

I love toys. I love my floggers, paddles, strap-on's, and of course my gags. And I love it even more when a toy can actually serve a purpose.

The "How may I serve you" Gag series are ingenious. I absolutely love the idea of snapping different attachments to serve a different purpose.

I can just imagine and fantasize my submissive on hands and knees in front of my toilet bowl cleaning it with the brush attachment.

Wouldn't you want that priviledge, slave? To clean my house with the use of your mouth. Having your hands tied behind your back while you do the housechores. It would be quite amusing to see. Don't you think?

For more information about this toy visit my Wishlist Better yet, buy it for me. But do it quick because JT's Stockroom is having a 10% discount on selected items bought from my wishlist for this week only. I expect many toys in my mailbox :D

~Domina Jade

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