Saturday, May 6

These losers should get a life

Sometimes I get requests to add to my MSN from people I don't know. Normally I deny that request because I prefer receiving an e-mail first. I am not on MSN all the time and when I am on, I tend to chat with people that I have already met. But today I decided to add Jack onto my list then go online to see who this is. This is sorta how the conversation goes ...

'My friends say you are a whore, do you want the details' then another box opens up and all of a sudden I am chatting with 2 other strangers. And they launch into bashing me. At this point I blocked all of them because this is a complete waste of my time, which confirms why I usually deny chat requests.


I have better things to do than to debate whether or not what I do is whorish. If you have problems with what I do, then I don't give a flying fuck. So get a life rather than playing your pathetic games online. Here's some useful advice, since you seem to love each others company so much and have a lot of time to spare try slutting and whoring among yourselves and fuck each other in the ass. Trust me you'll enjoy it. Then you will regret blowing your chances with me and my strap-on.

~Domina Jade


c said...


Requiem said...

Sorry guys, siding with the 'trix on this one.

You either didn't provide enough info about this and there's something I'm missing that makes it TOTALLY FUCKING HILARIOUS -- or (more probably) you're all fucking losers and the Dominatrix gets more sex beating people into sobbing submission than all of you ever will combined.

Grow up, insult people correctly and earn a few laughs, insult people who deserve it and earn a little karma, or just don't do it at all.


c said...

fuck you lol

John said...

Well, those guys are definitely losers. But what about your clients?