Friday, July 21

Annoying yahoo sluts ... and good sluts

"Hi I am ..... - wanna cam?"
"So just how kinky are you?"
"You wanna chat? I am handsome, blah, blah, blah"

So I have a yahoo profile, which clearly states that I am a professional Domme. I have my website listed as well as Niteflirt. But of course, yahoo sluts don't read. What is a yahoo slut? A wanker who peruses the profiles. If they see a pretty picture, then they will IM you out of the blue. Most like their profile is pretty much worthless so you know they are just trying to get a free wank session.

But once in a blue moon I will get a slut that I absolutely adore. A financial slut. Those I will use for my own enjoyment as they tribute their way into my world. Sometimes I will put on my cam after they have proven their worth to me, over and over again.

So how do you become a good financial slut? Firstly tribute for my time accordingly. I will not chat with you for free. You want to talk to me then either use Niteflirt or pay to serve me. A good way of getting my attention is to get something from my wishlist BEFORE contacting me. Otherwise your first hello will result in IGNORE. And you don't want to screw your chances with me do you? I didn't think so.

Get a cam if you don't have one. I enjoy having my financial sluts perform humiliating clown acts just to have me laugh at them.

You think you can be a good slut? Then send me a gift. Then be ready to spoil me some more.

~Domina Jade
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Tuesday, July 11

Must Have - The Better Built Bondage Book

Mistress Jade Dragon had shown me this book The Better Built Bondage Book at a previous BBQ party. I think that every kinkster who wants to make their own equipement should get TBBBB. It's budget friendly since most toys found in the book are relatively inexpensive to make. It give very concise instructions and the photos are pretty nice to look at.

Go visit the TBBBB site for more info. While you're there get me a copy as well ;)

~Domina Jade

Monday, July 10

Busy Weekend

Oooooooh my aching feet. I have been on my feet either dancing or dominating on friday and saturday night. Yesterday I was working. So I've been busy having fun for most of the weekend.

On friday I went clubbing and danced my feet off. I wore heels that I have not worn since last summer. Big mistake. By the end of the night I limped out of the club. I had to take my heels off, which I did. I felt so good to feel my bare feet against the cold hard pavement. Had to watch out for broken glass though.

On saturday I had a very good session with another new submissive. He enjoys heavier pain. I loooooooove to play hard. It gives me an adrenaline rush everytime I bring out a different toy to abuse him with.

I used a couple of pervertables such as a metal bristled dog brush. It will get a submissive to jump with you brush against his nipples. I also used these adorable mini clothespins. You can get them at most craft stores. Thanks Maddog for the idea. These mini clothespins may look cute, but the hurt like a bitch.

What also hurts is my new whip that the submissive bought for me as a gift. It is made of leather and has two strips which points out at the end. It's a stingy toy which I loved using. It will definitelt leave marks over the skin. Thank you sub f. for the gift - I love it.

Later on in the evening I met with sub y. to go to a kinky BBQ. There I met a few familiar faces. The host also had a metal bondage frame as mentioned in my ealier post. It was very well constructed. He attached a stocks device onto the frame. I did place my head and wrists in the stocks to get the feel. Yup I couldn't get out. Very well made.

By 11pm, I got dressed in my pvc corset and skirt. I was ready for play at the Fetish Ball being held at Bain Mathieu. Traffic was such a hassle. sub f. joked that this was bondage that was much too unbearable. When we arrived at Bain Mathieu, half the section was blocked off. It was a completely different set-up. Half the pool served as a dance area. It directly connects to the downstairs lounge. Above the pool was the play space. Because there wasn't much room for both spectators and players, the play area was slightly crowded. But I understand why only half of Bain Mathieu was used because there was a lot less people who came to this venue than the April Fool's Ball.

I enjoy doing public play. It was the second time that I played with sub f. The first time was light play but this time I went a little harder. He proved to be a very good subject for my whippings and spankings. Later on, I'd love to do a double flogger session. I still have to get in touch with Master Gordon about my order.

Overall I had a nice time at Fetish Ball. My feet were once again killing me. So I had sub y massage my feet in the lounge. Ahhhhhh, I could have fallen asleep there.

~ Domina Jade

Friday, July 7

Boxing and stinky feet

So I had a session last night with a new submissive. I love playing with new submissives because it gives me a sense of excitement as I explore what buttons to push. I love to see them squirm when I dish out the punishments which later end with a reward (if they deserve it).

This submissive, we'll call him mad4mitts has a fetish for boxing gloves and stinky feet. I've never boxed before so I was looking forward to try on the gloves for the first time. Prior to the session, I envisioned myself beating the daylights out of the submissive because, well I wanted to. Punching the submissive in the face, giving him side jabs to the ribs, and of course pummeling his cock. I even chuckled to myself as I thought about kneeing him in the the place where 'sun don't shine' and watching him drop to the floor crying. Unfortunately my session didn't go that way. He was simply too old for my beatings - so I spared him.

However I wasn't going to let him go so easily. If I couldn't use him as my punching bag then I would tease him. I can be such a good cocktease, in fact I love it when I tease someone so good then not allow him to touch his hard-on. mad4mitts got exactly that.

I rubbed his face with the boxing gloves. Made him smell the leather. Even lightly punched his face and humiliated him by saying that he was absolutely weak before me. I could easily beat him to a pulp if we were to fight against each other. He was quite turned on knowing what I said was true.

By now my feet was getting all stinky in my running shoes. Running shoes? What you'd think I'd be wearing heels to a boxing sessions? I have to admit that I do have a slight problem with foot odeur especially in the summer when it gets super hot. I usually wear open toed sandals unless I am working out. Anyways, my feet stank by the time I took off my running shoes. mad4mits over here was tied to the bondage bed, so I stuffed my shoe over his face and made him smell it. I laugh as I humiliated him then tease him for having a hard-on.

I sat on a chair and commanded him to lie on his back in front of me. As I rubbed my bare feet over his face and had him suck on my toes, he tried to touch himself. But I jerked his hands away with the rope which was still tied to both of his wrists. It's as if I was controlling a marionette doll. Letting him touch then when he's on the verge of cumming, his hands were suddenly pulled away. I laughed gleefully when mad4mitts begged to cum. Knowing that I controlled him and could get anything from him, I made him agree to pay for my kickboxing classes. And I will hold you to your promise. Hey what a Mistress wants, she gets.

Overall it was a delightful session. Since I did not get to box as much, I am looking forward to sparring with a submissive who can take the good beating. It's been awhile since I whipped someone black and blue. Maybe I will get a chance tomorrow night at Fetish Ball.

~ Domina Jade

Sunday, July 2

Kinky Pool Party

I can't think of anything better to celebrate Canada Day than a kinky pool party. The party was hosted by a couple well known in the BDSM community because of KINK. I got to see and have fun with all my kinky friends; Mistress Jade Dragon (see her blog), Michael, Sir Marc, and Maddog.

What a great way to start the summer. There was good food, good music, a cold pool, and an open fire. I managed to fit into bikini but will get a new bathing suit because the ass part is getting loose. In the pool we were running around to make whirlwinds then floated with the motion on boogie boards. We were silly and acted like a bunch of kids, but hey it summer. Plus who says we can't act like kids once in awhile.

I was given a tour of the house and cozy dungeon. I must admit it was quite small, given the 9x9 room. However they fixed the room perfect for two without being too crowed. It has a nice Egyptian theme and I absolutely adore the wood boards across one wall to serve as a bondage area.

Throughout the whole night we talked about Jade Dragon's kitties, shared funny stories about trips to the hardware store, and I had a big bruise from a move so I joked that if I was a submissive I'd be so proud to show it off.

There wasn't much play in the dungeon room, however there was plenty of relaxing in the hot tub in the couple's basement. Now this is something that EVERY household should have. It felt so great to feel the water jets against my lower back and shoulder blades. I was completely sore all over after moving my best friend on Friday. My highlight of the evening was to soak in the hot tub or the roasting of marshmallows over the open fire.

Now I can't help but long for my own house. I would have a dungeon in the basement to host my own parties. I'd make sure that I have a decent backyard with high fences to play outside discreetly. What's even better is to own a house out in the country with my own acre of woodlands. Just thinking about all the outdoor activities such as horse play and slave pinata makes me all giddy inside. But first things first, fix my apt. dungeon.

There is still so much to get. I am open to negociating toys and equipement for a reduced tribute for a session. When I first started exploring my kink with people I would negotiate my toys and wardrobe for a kinky scene. I think it's a great way for submissives who are low on cash but can offer a skill instead.

Well it's a gorgeous day today. It's hot and sunny, I might just call up my girlfriend for a swim.

~Domina Jade