Friday, July 7

Boxing and stinky feet

So I had a session last night with a new submissive. I love playing with new submissives because it gives me a sense of excitement as I explore what buttons to push. I love to see them squirm when I dish out the punishments which later end with a reward (if they deserve it).

This submissive, we'll call him mad4mitts has a fetish for boxing gloves and stinky feet. I've never boxed before so I was looking forward to try on the gloves for the first time. Prior to the session, I envisioned myself beating the daylights out of the submissive because, well I wanted to. Punching the submissive in the face, giving him side jabs to the ribs, and of course pummeling his cock. I even chuckled to myself as I thought about kneeing him in the the place where 'sun don't shine' and watching him drop to the floor crying. Unfortunately my session didn't go that way. He was simply too old for my beatings - so I spared him.

However I wasn't going to let him go so easily. If I couldn't use him as my punching bag then I would tease him. I can be such a good cocktease, in fact I love it when I tease someone so good then not allow him to touch his hard-on. mad4mitts got exactly that.

I rubbed his face with the boxing gloves. Made him smell the leather. Even lightly punched his face and humiliated him by saying that he was absolutely weak before me. I could easily beat him to a pulp if we were to fight against each other. He was quite turned on knowing what I said was true.

By now my feet was getting all stinky in my running shoes. Running shoes? What you'd think I'd be wearing heels to a boxing sessions? I have to admit that I do have a slight problem with foot odeur especially in the summer when it gets super hot. I usually wear open toed sandals unless I am working out. Anyways, my feet stank by the time I took off my running shoes. mad4mits over here was tied to the bondage bed, so I stuffed my shoe over his face and made him smell it. I laugh as I humiliated him then tease him for having a hard-on.

I sat on a chair and commanded him to lie on his back in front of me. As I rubbed my bare feet over his face and had him suck on my toes, he tried to touch himself. But I jerked his hands away with the rope which was still tied to both of his wrists. It's as if I was controlling a marionette doll. Letting him touch then when he's on the verge of cumming, his hands were suddenly pulled away. I laughed gleefully when mad4mitts begged to cum. Knowing that I controlled him and could get anything from him, I made him agree to pay for my kickboxing classes. And I will hold you to your promise. Hey what a Mistress wants, she gets.

Overall it was a delightful session. Since I did not get to box as much, I am looking forward to sparring with a submissive who can take the good beating. It's been awhile since I whipped someone black and blue. Maybe I will get a chance tomorrow night at Fetish Ball.

~ Domina Jade


Anonymous said...

Dear Mistress:

This was a great story. I would love to box you or have you play the role of a cage fighter to kick my ass.

Have you ever been to real boxing match, or a wrestling match? Just wondering. Take care.

Domina Jade said...

Although I have not seen a live boxing match, I've seen plenty of Pay-per-View matches on the tube. And I have always been a geek for WWF wrestling and light-heavy weight boxing.

I'd love to see a live boxing match. Any takers?

~Domina Jade