Monday, July 10

Busy Weekend

Oooooooh my aching feet. I have been on my feet either dancing or dominating on friday and saturday night. Yesterday I was working. So I've been busy having fun for most of the weekend.

On friday I went clubbing and danced my feet off. I wore heels that I have not worn since last summer. Big mistake. By the end of the night I limped out of the club. I had to take my heels off, which I did. I felt so good to feel my bare feet against the cold hard pavement. Had to watch out for broken glass though.

On saturday I had a very good session with another new submissive. He enjoys heavier pain. I loooooooove to play hard. It gives me an adrenaline rush everytime I bring out a different toy to abuse him with.

I used a couple of pervertables such as a metal bristled dog brush. It will get a submissive to jump with you brush against his nipples. I also used these adorable mini clothespins. You can get them at most craft stores. Thanks Maddog for the idea. These mini clothespins may look cute, but the hurt like a bitch.

What also hurts is my new whip that the submissive bought for me as a gift. It is made of leather and has two strips which points out at the end. It's a stingy toy which I loved using. It will definitelt leave marks over the skin. Thank you sub f. for the gift - I love it.

Later on in the evening I met with sub y. to go to a kinky BBQ. There I met a few familiar faces. The host also had a metal bondage frame as mentioned in my ealier post. It was very well constructed. He attached a stocks device onto the frame. I did place my head and wrists in the stocks to get the feel. Yup I couldn't get out. Very well made.

By 11pm, I got dressed in my pvc corset and skirt. I was ready for play at the Fetish Ball being held at Bain Mathieu. Traffic was such a hassle. sub f. joked that this was bondage that was much too unbearable. When we arrived at Bain Mathieu, half the section was blocked off. It was a completely different set-up. Half the pool served as a dance area. It directly connects to the downstairs lounge. Above the pool was the play space. Because there wasn't much room for both spectators and players, the play area was slightly crowded. But I understand why only half of Bain Mathieu was used because there was a lot less people who came to this venue than the April Fool's Ball.

I enjoy doing public play. It was the second time that I played with sub f. The first time was light play but this time I went a little harder. He proved to be a very good subject for my whippings and spankings. Later on, I'd love to do a double flogger session. I still have to get in touch with Master Gordon about my order.

Overall I had a nice time at Fetish Ball. My feet were once again killing me. So I had sub y massage my feet in the lounge. Ahhhhhh, I could have fallen asleep there.

~ Domina Jade


Sir Master Marc said...

well, I can suggest you check out Master Gordon's site at and click on the button "Contact MGLeatherworks". This way yo ucan ask about the type of flogger which you might enjoy to use for "Florentine dual floggers play".

Take Care

Domina Jade said...

Hi Marc,

Oh I will definitely contact Gordan about my customer made flogger. I very much enjoyed testing the dual floggers at Jules party some months ago. Thanks for the link, I'll bookmark the link so I don't forget the next time.

You take care, hopefully I will be able to attend Midori's workshops and Inferno. I'll see you soon enough.

Take care