Saturday, August 5

Best parties are the ones next door

Oh my freakin god ... my head is buzzing fro partying all night until 8am in the morning. It was a total blast. I love living next to students, because they love to party and chances are I can crash in :) Which is exactly what I did last night.

I was about to go to sleep at around midnight when I heard some awesome techno and trance music from upstairs. I had forgotten that it was someone's birthday in the apartment. Not one to miss all the action, I freshened up and went to greet my new neighbors.

It was such a sight to see like 30-50 people dancing and all crammed up in a 3 1/2. They brought in 6 different DJs to really liven the party. Everyone was simply enjoying the techno beat. I will check out rave parties more often because I love the high octane dancing. To feel my body move and feel so in sync with the music. I just want to lose myself.

By morning, I made some new friends. Of course I was getting very hungry so I cooked breakfast for everyone invited. My apartment was just downstairs and I enjoy being a good host. Besides, I like to eat with good company especially kinky minded.

The topic of spanking came up. I offered a couple of my implements to use. We shared a couple of kinky stories. Who knows, I may even have a little play scene in the future.

But for today, I will relax and enjoy the good weather. Then get ready for yet another party, albeit a fetish party for tonight.

~Domina Jade

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