Monday, August 28

I'm back and so much better :-)

Well I decided to give you guys a treat on Niteflirt. Basically I had reduced my rate down to .99 only for Sunday. And boy did I get tons of calls. It was truly so much fun humiliating my little sissy sluts, gang-bang a cuckold, role-play the naughty boss, and of course I even offered cam. Those called me on the on Niteflirt and actually got to cum ... better leave me positive feedback before your next call with me. And for the other losers who hung up after 3 minutes, don't even bother calling me back cause I blocked your sorry ass.

I had daniel5496 on cam today. I must admit he was quite a looker, however he was expecting some pussy action. I mean like HELLO! you called the Mistress cam you dumbass. I don't mind being an exhibitionist especially when I feel naughty, however do not ever expect it from me. I will do whatever I want on cam. He did not jump the hoops to get my attention, even said, "I don't take orders too well ... besides I didn't even see your tits and ass yet" Well danny boy you fucktard, I don't take orders to well either. So I ended the call while you still had a limp dick in your hand. LOL. Needless to say he left me a neg, but then I don't give a fuck.

And then the night ended very sweetly when a previous submissive who had served me before called me up to catch up on some news in his life. We had a very pleasant conversation and it was nice to end the night with his sweet words. But check out the feedback he left me, I didn't expect that at all ... Thank you yves, you pretty much made my day *kisses*. And I will see you this weekend for the Fetish Ball.

Overall it was a very productive day on Niteflirt. I haven't been online or on the phone for such a long time, however I am back and doing sooooo much better. I am working on yet another website but dedicated to my Niteflirt services. And I will also be working on a members areas stocked with pics, wicked stories, audio, and videos. So stay tuned and pick up the phone if you want to be part of my stable.

~Domina Jade

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