Wednesday, September 13

It's a sad and tragic day - school shooting

There was a shooting at a college here in my home town. One fatality and at least a dozen others hurt.

My heart and prayers go out to the victims of the school shooting that happened today at Dawson College. I am greatly affected because not only did I go to that school, but so does my little brother who is taking classes this semester. The moment that I heard what was going on, I was in a panick and called him up. He is fine, right now safe at home. However he was in a class perhaps 20 feet away from where the shooting took place.

It will take a few days to recover over this, even though I did not personally witness or experience this terrible and senseless rampage. I only hope that those who have been hurt will be okay as some are in critical condition.

It's even sadder that we just remembered the 9/11. And only 2 days after the anniversary, this happens. I think that I'll donate blood very soon. It's the least that I can do. Today is a sad, sad day.

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~Domina Jade


Mistress Jade Dragon said...


I am also shocked and shaken up by today's tragic event. Being another Dawson alumni, I can also understand your feeling of connection.

I also shared your fear, as you did for your little brother, as my best friend works in the building across the way and had made her way outside at 12: 30pm, only minutes before the mayhem and the chaos started... (She is now safe at home as well.)

It is so hard to understand why a human being could turn around and do such a violent and murderous act to other young people -- those who have so much more living to do. Sometimes life just doesn't make sense....

**Sending your virtual hugs**

Your friend,

~ Mistress Jade Dragon

Princess Kiki said...

you'd think things like this shouldn't be happening. I guess we are not as safe as we think.